Android TV Apps

Android TV apps are applications designed specifically for the Android TV platform, which is a smart TV platform developed by Google. The apps are created to run on television and set-top boxes that are powered by the Android TV operating system.

TV apps offer a wide range of entertainment options allowing users to access various types of content directly on their television screens. They are available for download and installation through the Google Play Store similar to how we install apps on our Android smartphones or tablets.

Android TV apps cover a broad category such as streaming services like Netflix Prime, etcetera, through which we can watch movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Users can also listen to their favorite music, and podcasts using apps like Spotify, Google Music, etc. Moreover, the Android TV box supports gaming as well as we can get to know about the weather through various apps.

There are many Android TV apps related to health and fitness that can help us in keeping ourselves healthy. Many educational apps are also there for children as well as adults. It is really important for us to know what are some important Android TV apps one should have on his/her Android TV.

So here is the list of 20 best Android apps that you should be using, so install them right now.

1. Netflix:-

Netflix nowadays must have an Android TV app. It was launched in 2017 therefore the use of it is increasing day by day. You can enjoy movies and various TV shows without actually paying charges for your cable. Just download it through the play store and select your plan. You can now enjoy unlimited shows and movies and other fun videos available on Netflix. You can watch videos in HD quality as per your plan. It is a video streaming app. So enjoy your binge-watching session with your friends and families.

2. Youtube:-

Can you imagine your phone without YouTube no right so how can you leave this when you now have your Android TV? It is a must-have app for us full stop. It might be pre-installed but even if it’s not, installation of YouTube should be a first move. Talk about any video from fun to horror. YouTube got all this cover. Whether you want to watch matches or live channel music, it is always there for you. It is a very easy app anyone can use. You just need to type mainly keywords and YouTube will show you everything that is related to that. It is one of the best Android TV streaming apps.

3. Sideload Launcher:-

Android TV boxes for Android TV are a little different from your Android TV mobile phones and therefore it is a little difficult sometimes to access some apps on your Android TV. Therefore having a side load launcher turns out as a rescuer. Side lord launcher allows Android TV to install applications that are not available on Play Store from outside the Google store. So just like the name suggests, sideloading of apks on Android smart TV is something this app does. If you want to install more apps on Android TV without thinking that this app is not available, don’t worry, from now on you can download them through the sideload launcher Android TV APK.

Android TV Apps

4. Send Files To Tv(Sftv)

Just like the name suggests if you want to share any file from your Android smartphone to an Android TV box or TV or you just want to share any file from your Android TV to your smartphone SEND FILES TO TV or SFTV is the best app for this purpose. The most interesting feature is that this app works over Wi-Fi, so it will not accidentally send large-size files. It is a very easy-to-use app. Users can download it easily. It is free of cost & indeed a very useful application for Android TV.

5. Kodi:-

So, you must be thinking, what can we use to play media files? Well KODI comes to the rescue. It is one of the best apps for playing media files such as videos, podcasts, music, etc. Moreover, it does not only play your media files but you can add files or content from other streaming apps such as YouTube, twitch, etc. It is a very easy-to-use app.

6. Spotify:-

Who doesn’t love music? I guess no one. Well, you must have heard of Spotify. Spotify is one of the best music apps and it is really popular. It is a music streaming app. Just like you install it on your Android phones similarly you can download it on your Android TV as well. It is very easy to use and you can manage or control it directly with your remote control. Spotify allows users to play songs in the background while they are doing their other activities such as playing games and streaming other content. Moreover to make it ad-free you can purchase the pro version as well.

7. TV Cleaner:-

How we have multiple apps to clean our phones and remove extra and useless apps as well as files, well, Android TV users don’t get that option. In phones we can remove apps to increase our memory usage when we feel that the phone is running so similarly when you feel that your Android TV is running slow you can use a TV cleaner app. It is a must-try app. This app helps you in stopping useless apps and can free the memory usage of your  Android TV.

8. Plex:-

Do you like watching movies? Therefore you must have a huge collection of movies and web series. If yes then the app called PLEX is best for you. PLEX app helps you in organizing all of your web series movies and other files according to their rating, and genre subtitles. It is very easy to use, it is very straightforward and users can never face any problem in following its setup steps. The PLEX app allows you to even stream retro games, music, and news as well. Users can even install their collection of games on any of their Android TV devices.

9. Sling TV:-

Sling TV is one of the best options if you think of the best apps for Android TV. As it allows you as well as provide you with a wide range of television channels such as Sports, news, music, lifestyle, entertainment, etc. The installation of sling TV is free. It is very fast as well as you can change or switch channels rapidly. It also contains cloud-based DVR capabilities. So it makes it more interesting to you.

10. Google Chrome:-

You can see how a search engine is important for any device. Similarly, on your Android TV having Google Chrome is very important as it is one of the most important apps. It is very easy to install as well as very easy to set up. Google Chrome will allow you to browse the web and do many things with it through your Android TV. It will work similarly as it works on your smartphone. You just need to sideload it.

11. MX player:-

MX player also comes under the 20 most important Android apps because it has that much importance. It is a video player app which can be used on your Android TV as well. It can play a large number of files and the most important feature is that it provides subtitles as well. MX Player is a very easy-to-use app and it is very smooth. Another important feature is it can read both external contents as well as locally saved files which makes it an excellent app. You Can view your locally saved files with the help of MX player.

12. TVU Usage:-

Any other household has this issue that children or kids watch too much television since the TV themselves entered in their life. It is surely a huge concern for parents so all the parents reading this, we have a solution for this problem i,e TVU usage app. The app TVU usage is a parental controlling app for your Android TV boxes or Android TVs that can help you in controlling your kids’ screen time.

It allows users to put restrictions on the screen time and at the same time monitor what their kids can watch on TV. Moreover, you can set different time limits for different apps and it also has a feature to use a pin code and with that, you can encrypt the app. It is a free app and it is also useful for adults. It allows us to have an overview of our screen time and allows us to set break timers for apps.

13. MI Wallpapers:-

Visuals attract us, don’t they? Just like on our mobile phones which can change our wallpapers anytime, similarly with the help of the Mi wallpaper app, we can do that even on our Android TVs as well. MI has recently added a wallpaper-changing app for Android TV. This app of course has a large amount of fresh and exciting wallpapers for Android. Moreover, it also offers a variety of clocks and it offers beautiful designs of clocks. You will fall in love with this app. This app is though only available for MI Android TV but you can side load it for any Android TV.

14. Google Meet On Android TV:-

Since everything has turned online because of the pandemic corona, the virtual world is increasing day by day. Therefore, how can we limit our virtual meetings or calls to our Android phones only? Android TV doesn’t allow us to just watch movies or web series, it also allows you to play games and attend meetings as well as have a video call with your friends and families. Google Meet just uses an Android TV remote to manage and control. To video call, you can connect your webcam to your Android compatible and you can directly enjoy calls from Android TV so now if you want to attend any meeting it is there for you.

15. Amazon Prime:-

Amazon prime video app is an Amazon streaming service. It includes membership. It offers a variety of movies and web series. You can find mostly all famous and exclusive shows as well as movies. and never run out of shows to watch. Just download it from the Play Store similar to your mobile phone. You have to just take a subscription. It is not expensive. You can entertain yourself by spending Just a limited amount of money.

16. Apps To Watch TV Shows (OTT Platforms)

Even though you have a TV that means you can watch any show on your television directly but still there are some apps that you can download in case you missed your favourite show. So some of the TV show apps are-

(i) Disney + Hotstar:-

It is a video streaming app. Offers many channels and therefore innumerable tv shows that you can watch on it. Moreover, it offers different movies. It offers endless entertainment for everyone. This app has a large number of channels through which you can entertain yourself and your family members as well.

(ii) SonyLIV:-

It is another ott platform introduced in 2013 in india. In sony live you can watch films movies and original programming. It offers different languages. It also offers several original streaming television series.

(iii) Voot:-

Voot offers free streaming services as well as offers a subscription option. The paid subscription service is called voot select. through voot select you can also watch some shows before TV. the Voot Kid section, lets kids have fun as well as learn simultaneously.

Apart from these, there are many other ott platforms and apps that offer the same amount of entertainment.

17. Wake On Lan:-

As the name suggests WAKE ON LAN allows you to wake your PC through your Android device. It is very beneficial as you can wake or set on your home theatre or PC to stream content. So with this app, you don’t have to leave your sofa or bed, you can manage to wake up your computer over the network without moving. You can add shortcuts to buttons and add many devices to wake up LAN app.

18. Haystack:-

Apart from movies and sports and music or games, we should know about the world as well right? Even though you can find new channels on your Android TV as well, however, if you can’t get satisfied by all that, or they don’t meet your expectations as well as needs you must have a HAYSTACK app. HAYSTACK is the best news app that you must have on your Android TV. You can stay updated on many topics such as science, technology, current events, economic politics, and games trailers and movies as well. It also has a weather Pan that can keep you updated with the weather as well.

19. Twitch:-

We love playing games right if you are one of those who likes to play games and watch live streaming of various players. TWITCH is the best app for you. The app offers a place to post live streams of players playing various and different games. It is so much fun. Most importantly you can use this app for fun as well as for learning purposes. You can enhance your game plan and you can see how someone can approach a game, so it serves both purposes.

20. Launch On Boat:-

Launch on boat is a very useful app because the Android TV offers multiple apps. So if you want to use just some particular apps on Android TV this comes in handy. This plays an important role for your parents or grandparents who find it a little difficult to adopt the technology. This app named Launch on Boat is something that can help those who face difficulty in navigating on Android TV. So I think this app helps a lot and it is a very useful app.


So to sum it all up, those were some of the best Android TV apps that you can install or download or side load on any of your Android TVs. Some of them are available on Play Store while some of them need to be sideloaded. Android TV comes up with many really good apps that are pre-installed but there are still many apps that you must install in your Android app. So these apps can keep you updated as well as entertained and informed about movies, weather, music, etc. As always please tell us how many of these apps are installed in your Android TV.