How to Setup Soundboards for Discord and Top 15 Soundboards

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Soundboards for Discord

What is Discord?

Discord is a widely used communication platform designed for creating communities and for online interactions. The platform was launched in 2015 and it provides a safe place to have chat games and engage in many other activities such as education, fun activities, work, and more. There are many servers. Users can make their profile or account and create or join servers that act as virtual meeting places (as per their interest). Within these servers, users can chat or have conversations via channel or engage in real-time voice or video communication. Additionally, you can use a soundboard in Discord. It allows you to react to the channel’s conversation, play audio clips, and enhance your voice quality.

What is a Soundboard?

A soundboard for Discord is an application that allows you to play different sounds or audio clips while playing games or having a voice chat. This soundboard features a variety of pre-loaded sounds. It also allows users to upload their customized audio files. A soundboard is a piece of software that is used to add different sound effects while having a conversation with other players. It adds a lot of fun to your discord conversations.

Why is it important to have a Soundboard?

Before having some sound boards let us just know what you can do with them. So to start with you can play background music while having a conversation, and you can use different sound effects. With the help of soundboards, you can enhance your voice quality, make announcements, pass a serious message, and make prank calls while gaming or podcasting. You can modify your voice, and even pass a commentary that makes the conversation more engaging. It’s a lot of fun.

How can we not mention voice chat that excites us the most, it is very convenient for the users. Adding soundboards to Discord can help you to increase the fun, your experience, and excitement.

How to set up a Soundboard in Discord?

Using a soundboard with Discord can help you enhance your voice quality and add a lot of fun. Here are the steps you can follow to set up Soundboard in Discord-

  • Select soundboard software and install it on your preferred device. There are several options of soundboard software to choose from including Voicemod, soundpad, and EXP Soundboard.
  • Choose the virtual audio device, some soundboard software allows you to set up a virtual audio cable. This enables you to play audio from the soundboard to Discord.
  • Now, open the soundboard software, go to your server settings, and click on enable server soundboard. This will activate the soundboard feature for everyone on your server.
  • Set your Discord mic by navigating your Discord setting > click on voice & video> under input device, choose your virtual audio device.
  • Route audio from the soundboard to discord through virtual audio device software and you are done.
  • You can now enjoy the soundboard with your friends on Discord. 

Top 15 Best Soundboards for Discord:

Here are 15 sound boards for Discord that you can use, to add more fun to any type of conversation. Discord soundboards are fun and easy to use. There are many free soundboards as well as online soundboards. Here is a list of the best soundboards for Discord.


RESANANCE is an amazing soundboard for Discord. It is free soundboard software and fun to use. You can use it for any fun and crazy activity. You can use both hotkeys and button decks to play any sound effects. Also, you can use it on multiple devices altogether. Audio clips that are pre-recorded could be played through this. Users can also customize the sound by adding their voices which makes it more fun.


Playing DnD? Or any other game, use rhythm to stay in rhythm. Rhythm is the easiest and most user-friendly soundboard bot for Discord.

It has a large number of features such as adding background music or customizing your audio. It plays music in many formats and from different social media or music platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, etc. You can give commands like pause, resume, on loop, etc as well as lyrics can also be displayed by using this soundboard.


MYFONE MAGIC MIC  as the name suggests works like magic. It is one of the best meme soundboards to use. You can change your voice with the help of this soundboard. It works as a voice changer and it also allows you to pre-record and you can import or export music files and audio clips freely.


CLOWNFISH VOICE CHANGER as the name suggests this soundboard app allows you to change your voice pitch and tone. You can add this to your server and have fun. It can make any sound robotic, alien-like, childish, etc. So it is a fun and mean kind of soundboard. You can also slow down your voice or faster it is all up to you. It is a free soundboard.


It is a fabulous soundboard for Discord. This allows you to modify your voice and sound effects. It is a free soundboard as well as allows you to purchase the pro version. This soundboard updates the sound collections and effects. It is quite fun software that you can use with your friends and family or while having a conversation just as chatting with people in a discord server.


JN SOUNDBOARD is an exciting soundboard. It is one of the exports in the entertainment field. This doesn’t have an official site but third-party websites can come to the rescue. If you have an event production or life performance JN sound boards can help you with that. JN sound board allows even professionals, technicians, and engineers to have authority on audio during events and live performances. It has many effects such as you can change and controlling volume, pitch, etc. It is a tool for an excellent sound for any performance.


As the name suggests it’s another fun app that users can use to create and have fun with friends and family on Discord. You can manipulate any voice and even change your voice into an animal’s, a robotic one, a girl’s, or a boy’s. You can also change the volume, pitch, rhythm, and tempo. Your voice can also be echoed. It is an easy-to-use application and can be used on different apps. Even if you want to save the voice, voxal voice changer allows you that also.


VEXERA is one of the easiest sound boards for Discord. It creates a lot of fun during conversation gaming live streaming extra. It can help you mute your server members and you can also kick them out so overall it is a fun soundboard. You can also greet any new member or you can be the farewell vexera is there for you. It is mostly and commonly used in voice chat and gaming stop users are also allowed to upload their audio and even personalization of sound effects is also available. Moreover, for music production broadcasting, gaming, and streaming in all the fun activities Vexera serves as one of the best soundboards for Discord.


Are you a podcast lover like I am? So this soundboard is for you. The podcast soundboard enhances the listening experience of any user by enhancing the voice quality. It is a very useful soundboard for producers, podcasters, listeners, etc. You can add audio effects, music, and many more. It allows you digital junction with many buttons and you can play any specific sound effect.

You can fall in love with the storytelling ability or enhancement of the experience that users can experience tension, excitement, etc by using this soundboard. You can also add comedic elements or background music or create suspense in horror stories or any podcast.


FREDBOAT free music boat that provides high sound quality that adds flavor to your music experience. You can add this to your server and enjoy its features. It is very easy to use. You just have to invite Fredboat to the server. It is used in almost 6 million servers. Fredboat is considered one of the best soundboards for Discord. Users can browse any genre of music or sound effects. It contains a feature called an inbuilt voice changer and like many other sound words you can change the voice while chatting or gaming.


Another interesting soundboard named Soundpad, is an amazing soundboard that has an inbuilt recorder system. It contains just a little memory of your device and it works super fast. You can use this in many applications, online games, etc.  It is a computer program. This also serves the same purpose like changing voices, creating voices, modifying voices, and adding background music.

It is easy to use. You can use hotkeys for different audio files. So this makes it easy to use for all, for example, if you are playing a game but you want to change the music, go to any hotkey and do that, it is easy. You can change the volume, customize your sound effects, etc. So it is pretty good software.

12. DYNO BOT:-

DYNO BOT is a purely customizable discord bot. It is used in millions of servers. You just have to invite and add to your server and have fun with it. It offers a quality listening effect. Gamers and communicators use it widely. It allows users to play sounds from the chat itself. This has various sound effects and audio clips. It also serves TV shows, movies, and of course means. This is also customizable and enables users to opt for different sounds for various servers. It works as a server as you just have to command it.


Using Discord on your mobile phone? Well, Discord Soundboard Memes is one of the best mobile-friendly soundboards that offers the best features. Is unable users to use the various means of audio files directly to any server of discord. Discord Sound Boards names is a free soundboard application and it has over 200 audio and tune effects. You just have to download and link it with your discord and you can use it and have fun. It is absolutely easy to use and user-friendly.


EXP SOUNDBOARD, Is a really good soundboard for Discord. It also allows you to use hotkeys. Users can convert any audio file into a compatible one. It is easy to use. It is lightweight software. With this, you can play multiple audio clips and sounds like any other sound word. It also allows you to save the sound easily. You will not find such limitations while using it. You just have to download it and it to your Discord server. It also has a feature called a Mic injector.


Is it a pretty powerful soundboard for Discord? It is an application that allows you to do anything with voice. Such as you can edit your voice or anyone else’s voice, and you can also change your voice. It is pretty good at it. It can help you with your projects etc. You can sound like anything by adding this to your Discord server. It is a fun application that allows you to modify your voice to any extent.


To sum it all up, discord soundboards are very useful and so much fun. You can change your voice like any celebrity your favorite movie star or even your favorite animal. This already sounds fun right? You can entertain yourself, your family, your friends, etc. But the soundboards should be used responsibly; excessive use of them can disrupt your conversation.

Though it enhances interaction and participation, Discord soundboards are fun and simple. Discord in itself is a versatile platform that enhances contacts and interaction. So let us know which one of the above soundboards you are going to use.