16 Best Video Sharing Apps and Websites You Should Be Using

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Video Sharing Apps and Websites

A picture is worth thousands of words, a saying that I believe you should all agree with. visuals hold a huge amount of popularity and power nowadays and in today’s digital world, video sharing sites have revolutionized the way we consume and share visual content. These platforms have become widely popular.

They provide users with a vast variety of videos on various topics. Such as entertainment education, news, and lifestyle. Videos possess a remarkable ability to captivate audiences. People are now totally dependent on visuals or videos, either because of stunning visuals, story telling, or informative tutorials, who knows? But videos are indeed a powerful medium to convey messages and evoke emotions.

Users can upload their videos or view videos through different video sharing sizes. These sites are online platforms and they provide a safe space for individual content creators or organizations to share their video content to a very huge audience.

So in this article we would like to introduce you to 15 best video sharing apps that come in handy and can never make you feel left out from entertainment.

1. YouTube:-

When we talk about video sharing apps or sites I guess you all think of YouTube. Well YouTube is one of the top video sharing apps in which in a minute over 300 hours of video are uploaded.

This has a global audience and people from all over the world are connected. It is available throughout the internet. More than 90 countries in the world offer YouTube. You can also make money through YouTube. It is the most influential platform. It offers a variety of content and even short videos as well as long videos.

People can upload videos up to 15 minutes and verified accounts can even upload longer videos as well. If you want to gain knowledge YouTube offers that too. If you want to entertain yourself YouTube is there for you. YouTube offers funny videos, stories and what not. It is really the best video sharing app. It offers a premium version as well where you can purchase the premium version that offers ad free videos.

2. Instagram Reels/Igtv/Lives:-

Instagram has recently launched a new feature called reels. Even before that Instagram likes or Instagram IGTV were there and they still are but because of this real feature Instagram gained popularity in recent years. Instagram TV and Instagram are really good video sharing platforms where you can upload videos, long and short both. Even through Instagram you can earn money, you can make collaboration videos or you can make videos for different brands and because of that you can earn as well. So Instagram is really fun and entertaining. You should really try this platform.

3. Vimeo:-

Who you have learnt about YouTube and Instagram are indeed the most popular video sharing apps and platforms but Vimeo is undoubtedly an amazing platform too. It serves as the best alternative to what Google serves. The most interesting feature as a user is that it doesn’t feature advertisements. You will not see advertisements in the beginning as well as in between the videos. In the basic free plan Vimeo allows creators and users to upload files in HD.

It allows users to upload 500 MB per week. There is another feature that is video on demand and with the help of that content creators can focus on earning through their videos. You can upload videos in multiple file formats as well. As a content creator Vimeo should be on the top list for uploading videos sites. Vimeo doesn’t intervene much in audiences’ lives.

4. Facebook Watch:-

Facebook is one of the oldest and largest social media platforms. It plays an important role when we talk about social media platforms. It offers a variety of catalogs of video. This platform is used by both users as an audience as well as brand pages and creators. It has some valuable features such as you can watch any video with your friends on the platform.

You can scroll videos and explore the content that is uploaded by the content creators. As well as you can upload your videos by getting access to the creators studio. It is a dedicated platform for creators to publish as well as moderate their content. Creators can also insert free role and mid role ads in their stories and truth all this Facebook allows creator to earn money as well.

5. Dailymotion:-

Dailymotion, as interesting as its name sounds it is also an interesting app. It is also a very popular app and serves as a great platform for sharing your videos. Just like any other video sharing sites Dailymotion allows users to share their videos content and as well as watch other videos. The most exciting feature of the app is that it allows users to upload videos of 60 minutes and 2GB file size.

Dailymotion is a really popular app to share videos on the web. Creators can upload videos and also they can manage as well through Dailymotion. Dailymotion offers revenue earning methods such as in video advertisements, paid content etc. This site is based from Europe and France.

Video Sharing Apps and Websites

6. Metacafe:-

Meta cafe is another very popular video sharing platform. It has millions of short videos. You can name any genre Metacafe has them all. You can reach from movies to musicals to sports to video games to fashion to lifestyle and more, Metacafe offers it all. The website owner says that to ensure the quality of videos they offer a special ranking algorithm and the most interesting feature is that one video can only be uploaded one time.

It avoids duplication as we all nobody likes to watch content repeatedly. Metacafe offers a revenue system through a producer reward program. The payout of any content creator depends upon the number of use, so content creators can earn with the help of Metacafe. So it is a pretty good app or site for video sharing.

7. Vevo:-

Vivo, an absolutely beautiful site I must say. Who doesn’t love music right and if you are an artist, Vivo app is best for you. Vivo platform allows artists to make their premium channel on the site. We go platform serves as a great video sharing platform. It allows users to create a channel, upload their content and as well as manage and monitor their content and channel on the web. Partnership with YouTube and because of that across countries users can share videos and audiences can access them.

Through VYDIA media you can upload your video. Though it takes two to three weeks to screen your video. Since it is connected with YouTube the content creators can make their videos available on YouTube as well.

8. Veoh :-

SINCE 2005, Veoh has been around us. It is one of the best video sharing sites. It is easy to use and comes handy. You can quickly upload your video and tag as well. You can also monetize your video. Initially it was a virtual television but now it has become a video streaming site. The company is based in California. VEOH offers 5GB of storage.

It also allows users to share their content on the other sides as well such as Facebook and Twitter. The most interesting feature is that you can schedule your video so that it can get uploaded automatically at a certain time. It also allows users to create a playlist and because of this feature users can watch many videos in one sitting.

9. Twitch:-

Amazon owns twitch. It is one of the best video streaming websites. It has over 2.84 million streamers and monthly users are over 140 million. The twitch plate form covers a variety of genres and types of content like sports, video game streaming, pop culture lifestyle entertainment etc. It also offers live broadcasts for music videos, festivals and concerts. This offers revenue sharing model by streaming games. It allows videos up to 600 KBPS. It also of a premium accounts as well.

10. Vzaar:-

Sounds like a bazaar right? so it is a Bazaar for small business owners. Vzaar is a video sharing site for business purposes for both small as well as large businesses. There are many users as customers worldwide. Users can manage and publish videos online. It allows best services for business time video content. Another interesting feature of this site is that it offers editing of videos as well. So in case you are not skilled don’t worry this site is there for you. So all the small business people we have found a platform for you. Don’t wait now just quickly get connected with the customers and start earning, all the best.

11. Snapchat:-

Snapchat, as you all know , has always been popular among youths and kids because it offers amazing features and services. Like creating funny videos and photos. It is a popular social network that allows us to share videos and pictures. Recently it has added a feature where you can also create videos and upload your content on it. There are more than three hundred millions of users that are active daily around the world on Snapchat. In Snapchat you can record videos up to 60 seconds. It also allows you to share YouTube videos on Snapchat. Snapchat is really a fun and engaging video sharing app. You must try it.

12. Flickr:-

Another popular video sharing site is Flickr. It is an interesting platform to share your videos as well as images. More than 80 million people have registered on this app. It allows users to share videos up to 90 seconds and because of this you can watch many videos in a very short time. It is a mini YouTube alternative. If you are one of those who like to watch videos and content in crisp and precise format, it should be your platform. As a content creator it helps you in uploading multiple videos since the duration is just 90 seconds. So all the content creators out there have fun.

13. The Vlogs:-

You can send through the name of the site the vlog is an online platform where you can become a blogger by uploading your vlogs or video blogs. There are millions of people on this platform that are doing the same. The vlogs was started like YouTube where it offered free sharing of videos as in creators could share their videos for free but now, recently,  you have to opt for the paid membership option in order to share your any content. Another important service is that it doesn’t impose any strict guidelines on user generated content.

14. D-Tube:-

Another best video sharing site is D-TUBE. It puts an end to revenue censorship. It allows users to share videos and their content. D-Tube is a blockchain based video sharing site. It is used and works as one of the best alternatives of YouTube. It offers content creators a facility to upload content. So they can have content freedom and security as well. It gives a feature to vote on videos and because of this content creators as well as influencers can earn revenue.

15. Periscope:-

Periscope is also a popular video sharing platform. Twitter owns this site. Creators can live stream their content like stories, social events etc. You can share your movements on the platform with others directly from your PC or phone. It is a really easy to use site. Moreover it sounds fun as well so all the content creators have fun with the platform and share your experience and your moments with the world.

16. Ssemble

Ssemble, a sophisticated online video editing platform, provides robust editing options, a variety of AI plugins, and straightforward collaborative functions. The highlight of its AI features is the YouTube Shorts Maker, which effortlessly identifies and extracts segments from YouTube videos likely to go viral. With its efficient project sharing and comment features, the platform promotes smooth teamwork, especially for remote collaborations. For creators in search of an accessible yet powerful video editing tool, Ssemble stands as an excellent choice.


To conclude these were some of the best video sharing apps/sites. Video sharing sites offer creativity and they allow both individuals as well as brands to get popular and earn. You all must know that video marketing is getting bigger and bigger. You must know your viewers in order to gain popularity. Each side works as a platform for you to experience growth as well as entertainment. So let us know which of the video sharing apps you are using.