Fun Activities to Do with Friends and Family After the Quarantine

Fun Activities to Do
Fun Activities to Do

A global pandemic has forced a large part of the world to participate in quarantine by social isolation, halting many of the social activities we used to enjoy. But as the world continues and efforts are being made to fight off the pandemic, people are beginning to look forward to the things that they can enjoy once the quarantine is lifted.

To keep your spirits up, here’s a quick list of activities you can do once after the quarantine:

1. Window Shopping

Closed spaces such as malls, restaurants, and offices are dangerous areas where our health can be compromised, thus the government’s decision to temporarily close many establishments to prevent the spread of disease. This impacted many shopping malls, severely limiting the ways the popular known ‘retail therapy’ can be enjoyed. While window-shopping on online shops can also be fun, nothing beats the live experience of going through shops to sift through items that we like. And as soon as it’s safe, you can guarantee that people will look forward to enjoying live window shopping again.

2. Play Dungeons and Dragons

 A popular pastime for those with a strong imagination, tabletop role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons shifted from a face-to-face setting to an online one. While the fun of rolling dice and imagining fantastical situations with friends remains, the social experience of being in the same room with your party members cannot be replaced. After things have settled, tabletop role-playing games can continue their traditional format: over a table surrounded by close friends.

3. Do Sports Together

With many sports facilities functioning at a limited capacity, it’s hard to get that adrenaline rush out. Many sports centers still do not allow the original maximum number of people inside their facilities, and contact-based sports such as martial arts are still off-limits. This has resulted in many people missing the feeling of being physical with their friends, enjoying a sporting bout on a weekend afternoon. However, with vaccines being produced at a rapid rate, we can all hope that we can play sports with our friends once again.

4. Go Hiking

While there is less danger of contamination in an open area, the risk of going outside and coming into contact with other people is still big. This has affected even nature lovers as activities such as hiking, camping, and other outdoor hobbies are prohibited. But as soon as restrictions are lifted, we can once again enjoy the fresh breeze in the mountains, and hiking with our friends and family.

5. Reunion with Loved Ones

When the travel restrictions are lifted and immunity is spread across the populace, we finally go to our hometowns and all the places we go to spend time with family. After being forced to stay away from each other, this is among the top moments everyone is looking forward to. We would be able to visit nursing homes or centers, vacation spots, and other places where your family reunions are commonly held, finally reconnecting with family after months of isolation.

6. Go on a Road-trip

The open-roads, vague plans, and a whole lot of improvisation- these things are what normally comprise a good road trip experience. And that’s something that’s been held back for the most part, as we shouldn’t be taking traveling lightly. When the pandemic clears and we can finally go outside and enjoy the world, you can bet that many will go on that road-trip that they’ve been excited the most for.

7. Watch a Concert

Musicians also suffered a blow, with most bands and performers having to cancel their concerts for a better part of the year. However, with promises of even bigger performances after the pandemic, many music admirers are very eager to see their favorite artists and their new creation. After the quarantine, we can finally all go to a concert, and sing and dance our hearts out.

8. Party with Friends

Social gatherings have become something of a taboo nowadays, as direct social contact is the fastest way to carry the virus. This prevented parties from happening, forcing everyone to sit on their sofa during their birthdays or special occasions. This is but a minor setback, as we can still see and interact with each other thanks to video chat. But nothing beats the real experience of partying with great friends, and when it’s finally safe to go out and about, then we can finally party together.

Of course, what’s important is you keep safe throughout this experience. Make sure to exercise caution, and take advantage of the vaccine once it’s available.