Features Of Serviced Apartments

With the rise of self-catering home rentals and AirBnBs, group travelers and extended stay guests now have the option to ditch hotels and go for these cheaper and more spacious alternatives. These vacation rentals allow you to lodge in a stranger’s rental property, which can be as simple as a fully-furnished house or apartment or as unconventional as a villa, mansion, manor house, or castle. Unlike hotels, home rentals are complete with a fully-equipped kitchen, dining area, living room, and much bigger space that’s perfect for groups and longer stays. 

But there’s just one downside: vacation rentals lack a couple of “hotel staples” that will make your stay more secure, comfortable, and enjoyable. Luckily, you can find an attractive alternative that can give you the best of both worlds: a serviced apartment. 

Whether you’re traveling as a family or group or you’re staying for longer periods, here are 7 hotel luxuries you can find in serviced apartments that may not be present in self-catering vacation rentals. 

1. Round-the-clock security services

As its term suggests, serviced apartments are basically apartments that come with a few services that will make your stay more comfortable, convenient, and safe. Security is one of them. You’ll sleep soundly knowing that the serviced apartment comes with round-the-clock security. No need to worry about criminals sneaking in the middle of the night or robbers taking away your stuff while you’re out exploring. 

2. 24/7 concierge, reception service, and staff

Another perk of staying in serviced apartments is having the staff within your reach any time of the day. Serviced apartments come with a concierge or front desk service that operates until late hours (if not 24.7), just in case you need experts with insider knowledge for everything you might need in your city trip. If you need assistance during late hours, you have friendly housekeepers and staff to rely on. 

3. Weekly housekeeping service

We all know that “clean as you go” is an etiquette that should be practiced wherever you’re in. But in self-catering vacation rentals, CLAYGO is a must. You are also expected to clean your own room and do the dishes during your stay since no housekeeping staff is going to assist you. 

The privilege of staying in a “serviced” accommodation makes these apartments better than self-catering vacation rentals.

Serviced apartments come with weekly housekeeping services. This is perfect for business travelers who are staying for weeks or months and are too busy to clean and organize their space. Every week, you’ll have your bed made, linens washed, and towels replaced with fresh ones. 

4. Prime location

Unlike vacation rentals and private homes that are usually situated in residential neighborhoods, serviced apartments are typically located in prime spots. These serviced Miami apartments, for instance, are situated near financial, business, and shopping districts.

They are often located near the key business districts, tourist attractions, or within the city center, placing you closer to the action. This means you’ll have a wide array of dining, entertainment, and lifestyle options. You’ll also have better access to a network of local transportation. 

5. Wi-Fi

Serviced apartments have enterprise-grade WiFi. In today’s digital era, Wi-Fi should be a staple in accommodation properties. Unfortunately, internet connectivity isn’t always available in many vacation rentals, especially in rural and close-to-nature locations. And if they do have Wi-Fi, it won’t be reliable. 

6. High-end amenities

Many serviced residences come with a fitness center, pool, and spa for your dream city break. In need of a quiet workspace for your business travel? You can use the lounge, business centers, and meeting rooms. And while not all serviced apartments have in-house gyms and spas, they can usually give you special deals or free access to the nearby local establishments. 

7. Elegant interiors

As for interior design, vacation rentals can be a hit or miss. You can find a home rental that looks so charming and unique, but you can also find a couple of rentals that look so basic. Serviced apartments consistently look like those sophisticated, magazine-worthy suites you’ve always dreamed of living in. 

8. Luxurious services

Aside from housekeeping services, serviced apartments offer a few services that will make your vacation more hassle-free. Many serviced apartments have laundry and dry cleaning services, grocery and restaurant delivery services, and rentals of baby cots and high chairs. 

9. “Home away from home” vibe

If you’re staying in an Airbnb property or any vacation rental, you’ll feel more like a visitor in someone else’s home. It’s good if you prefer soaking up the local scene and appreciate what your host can offer, including their interior design choices. But if you want to feel like a traveler living in your temporary home away from home, not a visitor, serviced apartments are perfect for you. 

Serviced apartments, like hotels, allow you to personalize your stay to help improve your experience. Are the pillows too soft for your liking? They often have a menu of pillows ranging in firmness and health properties. 

9. Simple hotel luxuries for a bespoke stay 

Don’t you just love those small hotel amenities that simply make your stay a little better? These include those free, travel-sized toiletries, excellent mattresses and beddings, complimentary water bottles, coffee, and tea, free slippers, fresh towel services, pillow menus. Serviced apartments pamper their guests the same way hotel pamper theirs. 

By MinaSCN