Many people wear engagement rings that have a diamond. Thus, the white metals are the best choice to wear as a diamond ring. For many years people select metals that are resistant to scratches. Therefore, they always compare white gold vs platinum before they make the final selection. But what is the best metal for a ring?

There are several other metals that people use for engagement rings. Tungsten and titanium are among the strongest metals you can use on jewelry. But due to some reason, people prefer platinum and white gold. The top reason to choose white gold vs platinum is that they are classy. 

There are several things to look at when you need an engagement ring. Your lifestyle is one of the factors that will affect the choice of your metal. However, the characteristics of platinum and white gold do not differ a lot. But the little differences are what makes the metal unique and exciting when making the choices.

White Gold Vs Platinum

How to Compare White Gold Vs Platinum

Here is what to look at when you are making the choices between white gold vs. platinum. 


The color of white gold vs platinum is relatively the same. You would rarely differentiate the metals when they are new. But you should know that white gold is yellowish before it is coated with rhodium. 

Platinum exists as naturally white metal. It gives the metal a competitive advantage on clients that want a white metal that does not change color. But, if you do not mind taking your metal for re-plating every few years, you can select white gold. 

If you plan to live away from the city where it’s hard to get a jeweler, you should settle for a metal that does not need re-plating. However, this should also depend on the length you intend to take before getting married.


The density of a metal determines how heavy it would be. Platinum had a dense molecular structure. Thus, it makes the metal heavy and less prone to scratches. The density is because the atoms are complex and compact.

It would be uncomfortable for you to wear a large design of a ring made of platinum. On the other hand, white gold is relatively light. You can wear large designs with comfort. 

However, the molecular structure of a metal determines the malleability. Platinum will receive an old diamond and other stone settings better than white gold. Thus, platinum is preferred when you want a piece of jewelry with a stone setting. 


You can determine the durability of a metal by its resistance to scratches. Platinum and white gold react to scratches differently. A platinum metal would move away when subjected to scratching objects. It means the metal will have a dent, but the metal size would remain the same. On the other hand, white gold would resist scratches. However, it would lose a part of the metal if the scratching object would come into contact with the white gold at an immense force. 

When you check the information above, you would see it is better to take a platinum ring if you are keen on durability. It is even more important in your life. 


White gold is an alloy. The largest percentage of gold you can find in a white gold alloy is 75%. And then, the 58% gold alloy is the most common. Thus, as you can see, the purity of gold is highly compromised. 

Platinum, on the other hand, is 95% pure. It exists as a natural metal and does not require alloying. If you need pure metal for your ring, then you should choose platinum. 

Hypoallergenic Property

Your skin is the sole reason you should check the hypoallergenic property of a metal. Both gold and platinum are hypoallergenic. However, white gold contains more than one metal, exposing it to allergic properties. Unfortunately, the metals that combine with gold degrades the quality of the metal. Thus, you will find some people develop some skin reactions after wearing white gold. 

Always check the metal alloyed to gold. It helps you know the safety of your white gold. Also, you will need to take it for regular re-plating so that the metal beneath the Rhodium coating does not react with your skin. 

Final Word

The battle between white gold vs platinum will always be there. No one can tell for sure which metal is better for an engagement ring. But when you look at each metal’s qualities, you can choose one that suits your needs. The metal properties make the metal vary in price. If you want a diamond jewelry piece, consider your engagement duration before choosing the metal. However, your budget will help you make your final decision.