If you always buy diamond jewelry, you probably have noticed that these jewelry pieces have a wide range of diamond pricing in the market. The difference from one diamond ring may be many dollars apart. And as you know many considers, price is a vital aspect that anyone considers when deciding to buy. Therefore, it is important to understand the kind of diamond jewelry you are paying for and if it is worth the price.

Diamond Pricing
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According to many diamond pricing calculator users, its prices are paid by the end-users due to its value that it adds to every level of the supply chains. Having been mined from the ground, their operations are so costly a reason they are quite pricy. Also, you could say diamond jewelry is the best looking, and that enough reason to accept its pricing. However, many factors determine the price of a diamond.


People are always looking for bigger diamonds, which makes them expensive since many users believe that they are better than small diamonds. While 1-carat stone is bigger, the same 0.75 stone of the former is not always the best choice. One thing is that a wider choice is poorly cut and has a yellow color which enhances its brilliance compared to the well-cut small stones. Therefore when determining the diamond’s worth, always consider tits clarity, color, and cut.

Carat weight factor

If you look keenly, you will realize that many diamonds have similar looks in terms of color, clarity, and cut, but their weight may vary. You will see that the bigger stones are always much more expensive. That depicts that for a 2-carat diamond, it will not be twice as expensive compared to a 1-carat diamond stone but instead will be 3-4 times expensive or even much. For instance, if a particular 1-carat sells at $7, a 2-carat of diamond with the same quality could sell for $28.


The brilliance of a diamond stone is examined, by its color. Its color is a quality factor that will affect the pricing of the diamond stone. In general, the colorless diamond is much more expensive while anything else will be equal. When we speak of colorlessness in a diamond, we are talking in the sense that it doesn’t have its yellow color or any other kind of tints on the stone. 


The clarity factor is another aspect that determines the cost of diamond jewelry. It refers to the absence of visible flaws in the stone. It could be any inclusion. Diamonds with visible imperfections are way cheaper compared to clear ones. Conversely, any other stone that is cleaner, meaning has got few or non-inclusion command very high pricing, and so is diamonds.


The cut factor of the diamond point out the proportion in which the diamond is. There are various proportions in which the diamonds are found to sparkle and maximizing their brilliance. The closer a diamond has cut into these proportions, the more expensive it gets and vice versa. Diamonds whose cut is not proportional lower the brilliance; hence they are cheaper.


Many people confuse the cut with shape. They are different. However, the difference is subtle, and you can use the two terms interchangeably at some point. It is because the shape name may often contain the term cut. While the cut points out the stone’s proportion and the number and facets of the stone, on the other hand, the shape refers to the stone being either round, oval, rectangular, or any other shape. The most famous shapes like the round cut and the princess cut are usually much more expensive than the others that are easier to cut.


Where comparing the diamonds stone, you will realize that some types of stones differ significantly in pricing. However, they have identified in respect to their 4Cs which are the factors determining the price. Many other additions determine the stone’s ricing in the likes of symmetry, thickness, polish, and many more. For that reason, the pricing of the diamond changes from time to time.

The price fluctuation has been caused by the factors plus the supply and demand based on production, economic seasons, and maybe interest rates. It is hard to know if a particular diamond’s price will go up or lowers in a specific period. Always be keen to understand the factor that surrounds the diamond and the entire market at large.