Why Female Superheroes are so Important to Young Girls

If you love comic books, then you already know how important superheroes can be. The CW’s new adaptation of DC’s Stargirl features a teenager superhero named Courtney Whitmore. Despite the popularity of TV and movies based on famous heroes, female heroes are still rare. To have a teenage girl as a superhero offers many benefits to young girls. Here is how Stargirl can help young girls.

See Themselves in Leadership Roles

Nowadays, there are more TV shows and movies that focus on a girl’s ability to take the lead. Girls need to see themselves represented as leaders and as critical members of society. Kids need role models to inspire them and to motivate them to reach for the stars. Role models can take the form of real people and they can take the form of fictional characters.

When kids see an independent and capable girl, they may feel more empowered to take on leadership roles themselves. They can carry this independence throughout their lives.

Feel More Confident About Themselves

<p>The inspiration behind Stargirl’s comic book origins was from the mind of executive producer, Geoff Johns. Stargirl is inspired by a real girl. After the death of his sister, Geoff Johns created a spunky, confident teenage superhero in her honor. Her inspiration makes her all the more relatable to other girls. Girls can see themselves in Courtney.

When girls can see themselves in superheroes, they feel more confident. They know that they are capable of anything that they put their mind to.


Experience a Sense of Motivation

According to research, when girls see women represented on TV and in the media as superheroes, they are more likely to believe that they can do anything. Superheroes are often portrayed with some of the best qualities that a person can have. They show kindness, generosity and strength. They can fight villains and still show love and kindness to their communities.

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Stargirl is an optimistic character who first takes the costume to annoy her stepfather but quickly steps into the role of a superhero. She’s driven to do good, to use her power in generous, selfless ways.

Everyone can gain something from a superhero tale. DC comics have changed the lives of millions of people for decades. Different superheroes resonate with different people. With Stargirl’s new TV show, her story and her voice can reach more people and help young girls see themselves represented in the world of superheroes.