Find Top 5 Tips to Follow When Traveling With Kids

Travelling With Kids
Travelling With Kids

Traveling with your kids is one of the most sure-shot ways of making great memories that your children will remember for life! Many parents make time out of their busy schedules to have a good time with their children. It usually does not turn out to be worthy of a great memory to cherish forever. Not to worry, next time you have a little time on your hands, plan for a road trip with your kids.  

But wait, before you do that here are a few things to keep in mind to make your journey stress-free and pleasant.  

1. Revisit Your Safety Protocols  

If you are planning to take a trip with your kids on the two-wheeler then you need to revisit your safety protocols because children are usually less stable on a two-wheeler than adults. In that case, you might have to jerry-rig a strapping mechanism to keep them in place and you will surely need a more comfortable pillion seat because they might find it very difficult to sit on the motorcycle for long without any proper backrest. Consider investing in a good quality seat with a backrest so that your kid can relax and not feel anxious even on long trips.

Also, it is advisable that you do not plan a very long journey because it goes without saying that kids have the attention span of a gnat and they are going to find it difficult to stay stationary for hundreds of kilometers at a stretch. Make sure to purchase good quality motorcycle helmets for kids and have them wear it at all times. If your local helmet dealer does not sell helmets for kids you may try motorcycle helmets for ladies. These are usually smaller in size and it might fit your kid properly. You can also try to shop online and find a good quality kid’s helmet to ensure that their safety is not compromised in any way. 

2. Always Plan For Extra Time 

Having additional time on your hands is one of the most crucial things when you are traveling with kids. You never know when they might need to go to the washroom and take up a precious 15 to 20 minutes of your time. If you are already running late to catch a flight then this might cause you to miss the flight altogether.

Even when you are traveling by a two-wheeler you might need to keep additional time on your hands to reach your destination before sundown and set up camp or settle down in your hotel room before ordering food and hitting the sack. With adults this might not be a problem, But when you have kids, they might wake up late and delay your complete plan by a couple of hours. That is why it is important that you plan everything with an additional buffer time to accommodate your kid’s special needs.  

3. Never Leave Without Medicines 

Medicines are important either you are traveling in a group of adults or you have kids with you on board. Gastrointestinal disorders and stomach problems are quite common in children below the age of 15. You might need to administer a few medicines to give them relief from their pain. Make sure to have a first aid kit in your motorcycle luggage bag order top case. It is easy to immediately access in case you need it on the road. The medicine kit must have a few supplies for stomach problems, fever, headaches and general pain medication.

If your child is undergoing certain treatment or has a particular medical requirement make sure to carry those in an extra quantity. So that you do not run out of them on the road. Many medicines are available at local dispensaries and pharmacies. But certain special medications are there and you might not find them if you are traveling to a rural location. 

4. Snacks And Water Are Important 

The physical implications of being on a motorcycle or any other two-wheeler for that matter translate into increased hunger. Especially in kids who have a very strong metabolism and feel hungry more often than adults. They also cannot consume a large amount of food at one time. Therefore it is important that you have healthy snacks and water in your motorcycle luggage bag at all times. So that your kid does not get anxious because of hunger.

You can save a lot of money by relying on local potable water sources. But, if you have a kid on board it is healthier and safer to purchase bottled water. It is better rather than collecting water from a tap.

5. Prioritize your kids 

When you have a kid onboard, it might need you to prioritize your journey goals a little bit. It is to suit their physical and psychological capabilities. Children are not as resilient as adults. They might find it very tough to hit one destination after another as you hop along on your journey. This might be very fatiguing for their tender minds and bodies. This is why you must prioritize their comfort first and then think about your destination goals.

Take more frequent breaks allowing them to take off their motorcycle helmet . Walk around a little bit and visit the washroom just for a change of scenario. It will give them the much-needed break before you continue on with your journey.