For most things in the world, there is what happens and then there is what you make it mean. The results can apply to you personally or even to the rest of the world. Those of us who are mindful as well as being highly skillful can bring these variables together; people like Nalima Touré. This producer doesn’t simply use her array of talents to create impactful campaigns, she does so for campaigns she believes to serve the purpose of making a positive difference.

For all of the criticism they might receive, the generation who grew up surrounded by social media has a propensity for using their abilities to empower a change for the better. Communicating her sentiment toward the power her work offers, Nalima remarks, “Good promotional content should make you feel something. It should evoke an emotion and make you think. When it’s really good, it should make you feel like you’re the one and only person it was created for.”

Nalima Touré – HNDSM Peer Portrait 2020

Montreal based NOIZE has been unapologetically vocal about their rebuke of traditional fashion’s use of animal products and cruel practices to create exciting and unique styles. NOIZE Creative Director Nina Mourin reached out to Nalima Touré to produce a rebrand campaign for the company; one which highlighted an ethos of staunch individualism and leaders from the world of social media. Touré worked with director Roxana Bazgoneh to create the intentionally fresh and cool “New Kids on the Block” Fashion Film which declared new rules are established by those who set trends rather than follow them.

Nalima immediately followed this with the production of a trio of films for a brand campaign launch. Touré informs, “The #CareToJoinNOIZE campaign was an opportunity to highlight people who care by creating safe spaces. The NOIZE creative team wanted to practice what it preached as ‘a cruelty-free brand here to inspire inspirational people. Those who fearlessly travel their own paths, and know that it is our duty to leave this world better than we found it.’

The three mini-films we created featured Elyse Fox of Sad Girls Club, Simone Silverman of The Silver Women, and Phoebe Pojo of Models That Eat.” The effect of these campaigns has been undeniable in furthering NOIZE as one of the leading brands which encourages consumers to embrace stylistic and financial choices that are rooted in their ethical views; a massively expanding section of the fashion purchasing public.

Touré has been working on the SSENSE x Canada Goose FW20 Campaign just released this month. The Montreal based SSENSE brand has made a name for itself by combining luxury and streetwear. Proud of their status as a cultural protagonist, SSENSE brought Nalima aboard for this current campaign based on the success of her previous work with them for the launch of an exclusive capsule collection with Scandinavian modern lifestyle brand Totême (cofounded by Elin Kling, Swedish fashion blogger, fashion journalist, and the first blogger to design a collection for H&M).

The still-life and video based SSENSE x Canada Goose FW20 campaign (captured by @kristiemuller and will be delivered directly through the web and social media. Promotion and marketing of the modern day is a vastly different process than that of any previous time, both in regards to delivery method and tone. Namila insists, “Social media isn’t going anywhere. It has the ability to help a brand gain notoriety and reach. It’s become the norm to visit a brand’s Instagram before their actual website.

It’s a crucial form of advertising and as consumers become more knowledgeable and want more transparency from the brands they’re investing in; brands now have a responsibility to advertise themselves in addition to their actual product and merchandise – whether that be in the form of their mission, company values, initiatives, or collaborations.

It’s likely that Nalima Touré has been able to aid so many companies elevate their visibility and stature within the industry due to the fact that there is an underlying inquisitiveness to her work. Having experienced success as she navigated the worlds of Fashion, Social Media and Communications (including a stint at Microsoft), Nalima discovered that what she was most passionate about was storytelling. It’s an art which transcends all industries because of the need we have as humans to find a compelling story and relate to it. It’s about connection.

Touré reveals, “I wouldn’t say I had a clear road map to becoming a Producer. I followed my intuition and focused on what I knew, what inspired me, and what I was good at. I started producing fashion editorials because that’s what I knew. From there, I learned the organization, structure and various needs of a production and then applied what I’ve learned to bigger campaigns, video, and film projects.”

By Punit