Beaches in Southern California

California is a primary US state that stretches along with the pacific from the Mexican periphery to almost near 900 miles. It is Popularly called as the Golden state. The city houses a variety of natural vegetation. It is lined by the Sierra Nevada Mountains. From the redwood forest, Mojave desert, Central Valley Farmland, the city is a home to different scenic views. But, what is more popular about California is its beaches. California has a plethora of beaches alongside its coast. Today, we’ll be discussing a few of them right here. But till then, you can book your Sun Country Airlines Reservations or Delta Airlines reservations conveniently to travel around the California State beaches. 

1. Coronado Beach:

Located in the beautiful city of San Diego, the beach is known for the iconic Hotel Del Coronado. This victorian style red-roofed building adds a luster to the reputation of this two-mile-long sandy white beach, which is open for ordinary people to visit. Enjoy boogie boarding and bodysurfing and compete with the sea waves under the shining sun. You can travel to Coronado Beach easily with Sun Country Airlines reservations.

Pocket Tips:

Rent a comforting longe chair, daybeds, and umbrella as per your comfort and get that body tan you were waiting for. You can select from a variety of water sports, including scuba diving, swimming, fishing, water-skiing, surfing, and wading.

2. Moonlight Beach:

It is the state beach of Encinitas and is renowned among SoCal’s most amazing beaches. With its vast sandy shoreline, Moonlight beach is quintessentially a paradise for Surfers. Being accessible for both adults and kids, the site is popular among both locals and tourists. The beach has on-duty lifeguards that ensure the safety of everyone visiting. Be it beach showers, volleyball court, fire rings, restroom availability, picnic tables, and playgrounds; Moonlight Beach has it all arranged for your perfect vacationing. Now all you need is to book Delta Airlines reservations for a getaway to one of the most iconic beaches of California.

Pocket Tips:

Enjoy a variety of local cocktails and mouthwatering seafood at the time of setting sun. You can also experience an amazing nightlife at the breezy shore with music and dance around the bonfire under the moonlit sky.

3. Victoria Beach:

Out of numerous beaches located in the coastal city of Laguna Beach, it is hard to choose the best one and Victoria Beach is one such location. That means the site has unique blue-green waters. The tower in the north end of the beach is the most popular spot for tourists; that is just a few steps and a short hike away from the white sands of the beach. This spot is a 60 feet tall castle-style tower and is popularl by the name of ‘Pirate Tower.’

Victoria Beach has a mix of smooth white sandy swaths with a cluster of jagged rocks that makes it a perennial attraction for skimboarders. If you are looking for some Insta-worthy pictures, then it serves as a good photo prop.

Pocket Tips:

The entrance to Victoria beach is through a sunset terrace that gives a spectacular view of the seashore. Beach has the availability of multiple adventure activities, and just like other American beaches, you will taste the delicacy of food served with some local seafood. Pick your favorite booze and sip while you have a great day here, digging the sandy beaches. 

4. Manhattan Beach:

The wide beach is just about a perfect vacationing spot for youngsters with its pedestrian paths and oceanfront bikes. You will get some fantastic panoramic view of the shimmering ocean with the sun, lit like a fireball in the sky. Manhattan Beach has an old-timey pier spreading along the ocean shore, which looks just fab! Go play some beach volleyball game or a surf ride in the salty waters while your skin takes a good dose of Vitamin D. Swing by the beach for a soul clearing trip by booking your Sun Country Airlines Reservations to California. 

Pocket Tips:

If you don’t know Manhattan Beach is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts and families. It has some awesome hotels and resorts all donned up in floor to ceiling glasses, and over-the-top mansions with outdoor kitchens. You can live an opulent king-size life here at Manhattan Beach. Enjoy a sparkling glass of wine sitting by the shimmering beach waters and soak up the sun to get an unforgettable beach experience. Manhattan Beach was named as one of the six best beaches of the United States by GQ back in the year 2014.

These are some of the renowned beaches of the city that will give you chills and some breathtaking views. Fly to California today with Airlines reservations today and have an experience of a lifetime.