Taking Vaccine Shots

With the increment in the cases of Covid-19, people are facing a lot of issues. The vaccination has now come to the rescue as it is not only building immunity power but also helping the people to fight against this dangerous situation. Vaccination against Covid-19 is so powerful. It protects the lungs from this dangerous disease. Almost every person now wants to get vaccinated but with the same, the fear also strikes within them.

But some points should be kept in mind before going for vaccination. Almost 17.7 crore people have been vaccinated with either Covishield ( vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute of India) or Covaxin ( manufactured by Bharat Biotech Limited). Out of these 17 crore people, 3.9 crores have already got the second dose.

Drug Controller of India

Talking about the permission granted by the Drug Controller General of India, the second dose of the vaccine Cover Shield should be administered after 12 to 16 weeks of the first one. If we talk about the second dose of Robaxin, it is usually taken after 28 days of the first dose. Only in April, it was suggested by the center about the second dose of Covishield; that it could be taken 12-16 weeks after the first. It should be kept in mind that if you are infected or you are corona positive, then you should avoid vaccines till 90 days from the day you were tested positive.

Doctors also claimed that this infection-triggered immunity is just likely to last for a few months and henceforth it is advised to wait for 6-8 weeks after recovery. It will also be fine if you wait for 6 months. As the natural antibodies are likely to persist in the body until then; therefore it is right to delay vaccination for six months after a natural infection.

Second dose

If the person is tested positive for CoronaVirus infection, then the second dose can be given after eight weeks. Just after the infection, the body starts to produce antibodies, and therefore it is akin to getting a vaccine. For people, the disease could be mild or it could be moderate if they catch infection between two doses. It is completely dependent on the exposure that took place. If the exposure takes place within one to three weeks of receiving the dose, the vaccine is unlikely to affect the same.

Apart from that if you have already taken the first dose but are not available for the second one, there is no need to worry about that. For Covexin, this gap can be extended up to 45 days from its first shot. For Covishield, the second dose can take place within 12-16 weeks after the first shot. The longer gap between two doses is generally good but it should not extend the maximum limit.

If the people have taken all two doses, then they are 80% secure from this disease. As these doses of vaccination are beneficial. This pandemic has created the worst situation for almost everyone in this world. But some precautions and timely vaccinations can create a healthy impact and also will help everyone to fight against Covid-19.

By kamlesh