Yoga Asanas

The human body uses 350 liters of oxygen per day. There are various yoga asanas that you can do to increase your oxygen level. This covid-19 pandemic situation is getting worse. In this situation, you need to take care of yourself and your body. It is very important to understand that the second wave of covid-19 is targeting your lungs, which means it is decreasing the oxygen level.

Well, oxygen is the most important element in anyone’s life but nowadays covid patients are facing the problem of oxygen in the second strain of the virus. Various infections are causing pneumonia inside the lungs and Respiratory Distension Syndrome. The human body consumes 350 liters of oxygen. If we do not get oxygen for like 3 minutes, we can even die. 

Therefore, it is a very intense situation where the infection is just spreading like fire. There are serious crises of oxygen cylinders all over the world. We are all well aware of the daily news of this infection. Our health is very important so we need to take care of it. Make sure you are including these points in your daily routine. It includes social distance and wearing a double mask. You need to try and keep a check on your oxygen level. You can measure the level of oxygen through an oximeter and the reading should be above 90. If it is not then you should consult a doctor. 

Using an oximeter is easy. You just need to clean your fingers before using. Then you have to put your finger inside the oximeter and wait for 1 minute. Do not remove your finger until the data is stable. Avoid nail polish while using an oximeter. It is actually a device that will help you out in measuring the oxygen level. So, you can easily identify your problems through an oximeter.

There are various exercises to develop the lungs and the muscles. It can also increase the capacity of your body to fight against infections.

1.) Anulom-Vilom

It is an alternate nostril breathing that helps to clear out your nasal passage and improve your respiratory system. It is practiced on an empty stomach in the morning or even in the evening, you can do it by just sitting on the chair crossing your legs in a meditation position. Make sure that doing exercise is not always a guarantee that you will be safe but indeed it increases the chances of infection.

2.) Bhramari

It is a Humming exercise that increases nitric oxide inside your body. It also increases the blood flow in the vessel and prevents muscle tightening. This particular exercise has various benefits for your body. It can actually improve blood flow which will also reduce the risk of a heart attack.

3.) Matsyasana

 This asana is known as the fish pose that will help you in maintaining the balance of distributing equal amounts of Oxygen in your blood. It also improves blood circulation in the body. Nowadays, we are all aware of the situation. All of us should do these exercises regularly so that we can stay safe in this pandemic.

By kamlesh