Skin Care Tips

So, you are all tackling the bad situations in your way. But one thing that we have forgotten. It is a skincare routine. We are taking it lightly right. With our work from home, we also have taken our skincare for granted at this time but it is the right time to give extra attention to your skin and update your beauty routine. The infrared rays touching your skin can make your skin dull. It means that you need to focus on your skin and add extra effort. Besides doing the basic CTM routine, you can add a few more steps that will be best for you.

1.) Take care of your hands. 

Genuinely, right now the most important part of your body is working in your hands. You should give conscious care to your hands if necessary. Just like your skin and body, your hands need attention and the current time is the best way to pamper them. You can use a good hand cream with hydrating properties. Massage your hands properly so that they can get very deep nourishment. This will not only make your hands shine but also you will feel extra energetic.

2.) Deep conditioning of your scalp.

Because of work from home, we are barely focussing on our hair. Deep conditioning to your scalp and a proper hair care routine is a must. Just like our skin, our hair needs some or the other healthy things for our scalp. Wash your hair with a good shampoo.

3.) Do Scrubbing at least twice a week

Scrubbing your skin is very important even if you are spending your whole time at home. Scrubbing is done to remove dead skin. It will eventually help you to get healthy skin.

4.) Skin Care Routine

You should set your team a skincare routine. It is essential for the skin. If you want you can try cleansing, scrubbing, foot care, and face masks as well. Hydrating your skin is one of the most important steps that you can follow. You can clean and care for your skin. Then, you can use Scrub at least twice a week that will give you flawless and smooth skin. Apart from that, you can go for foot care. In your daily routine, you can add a foot massage. You can do that thrice a week.

It will keep your feet smooth. You can also use face masks for your skincare routine. It will help you in the hydration of your skin and will give you a soothing and cooling sensation as well. You can hydrate your skin with serums and toners as per your skin type. Generally, we take serums and toners lightly as if they are not a part of the skincare routine. But indeed they are the most important part. As after cleansing, these toners tone your face and make it perfect for the application of any other products. Serums not only give you shine but a small tint is even healthy for your face.

By kamlesh