Do you have plans of opening a café or a bakery super soon? Before you set up any food store, you would require food display counters. Glass counters are an integral part of the food business. Showcasing the food products aesthetically and impressively are all that is required when you start a new store or business.

Buying Display Counters

Advantages of Display Counters

There are a number of advantages of setting up display counters in the shop.

The glass display cases can store the products in required temperatures. And that is why they have become an undeniable part of the food marketing.

You can use the serve over display fridge to get the best results.

There are a number of options of glass counters for you to choose from. After buying the product, all you need to do is maintain the refrigerator, else they would become unaffordable, meaning that if the refrigerators are not maintained, they cannot be made energy-efficient and you need to spend a lumpsum for the electricity bills.

Types of Refrigeration Used in Display Cases

The refrigerated glass display cases typically use two basic types of refrigeration- forced air or gravity coil. The type of refrigeration depends solely upon the items on display on the counters.

Forced Air Refrigeration System

Those display counters with forced air refrigeration system relies only on fans. The fan circulates the cold air keeping the food items in the cabinet, chilled.

The display cabinets with forced air refrigeration system are typically used to store and display pre-packaged goods and bakery products. But this type of refrigeration can dry out the products and thus should not be left in the case for too long. These glass display cases are also known as refrigerated Bakery Display Cases.

Gravity Coil System

In the gravity coil system, the refrigeration coils are at the top of the display cabinets, and allows the cool air to lower over the displayed food items. These are ideal to store food items like seafood, salads, raw meat, deli products and so on.

These have no drying effect on the food products and are also comparatively less expensive than the forced air refrigerators.

Features to Consider Before Buying the Display Counter

The first step that you need to consider before buying the display counter is to decide the type of food that you are gonna display. Once you have decided upon that, other features and options need to be considered. All the features need to be considered before you buy thee appliance.

Here are the features that need to be considered:

The Size of The Display Counter

The size is an important thing to consider. You may have enough space to store a large appliance but keep in mind that the things you would be storing are all perishable. If you store too many things and not manage to sell everything off, the edibles will perish, and that’s not really a good sign. You will also end up losing a lot of money this way.

Choose the ideal size suitable for your business. The specifications should be checked very carefully before you buy that appliance. Through the specification list you would know if it clears the requirements of intake and exhaust air.

The Shelves of The Display Counters

The visibility of the display counters is the maximum if they have tiered shelving. The sale of products depends upon the visibility. Better the visibility, you will experience an increase in the sale, and vice versa. The shelving on the display helps in bringing the products on display closer to the front of the appliance.

Display counters with glass shelves are also available. The glass shelves allow the light to filter throughout the display, and help in displaying the products in an effective manner. The food will appear as if they are floating inside the glass cabinets.

The Style of The Display Counters

You can buy store display counters with either a curved front glass or a flat front glass. These counters are available in different sizes. This is absolutely your personal choice.

And Finally, The Lighting

The lighting is another essential part of these displays. Before installation, just make sure they are effective and energy efficient.

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