Plumbing Technology

Smart devices have become an integral part of our daily life. The technology allows you to take control of the inanimate environment around you. You can check the device’s performance, manage their work, and collect data to know if there is an underlying problem with the device. It is a world of smart technology. 

Today, the technology has not just stayed fixated on the refrigerators, cars, air conditioners, etc. it has made its way into the plumbing too. It is too quick to make any speculations; however, we have all seen the transformation the technology brings forth in our life. Throughout the home, we increasingly use our smartphone to control the coffee machine, the lighting, and so much more – then why not the plumbing. 

Smart technology in the plumbing

The smart device market is growing with a godspeed. It is not far-fetched to say smart devices would completely own the plumbing sector. From the taps featuring LED screen to show the temperature to a tankless water heater with wireless connectivity, the transformation is knocking on our doorsteps. Plumbing companies are promoting the new plumbing technology that helps improve the user experience to a great extent. 

How does new plumbing technology transfer the user experience?

Plumbing is a necessary part of our life; even a small pinhole leak in the pipes can cause very costly water damage. It can damage your walls, weaken the infrastructure, cause fungus to grow on your walls, and cause respiratory problems. 

There are tech-enabled solutions available on the market today that can help you avoid all these problems. The digital connectivity of the products helps you save money caused due to leakages in the pipe, damage to the property and health, and the precious resource humanity cannot survive without. Enabling customers to keep track of the plumbing system and its efficiency empowers them; it helps them plan their finances better to improve the infrastructural capabilities. The domestic household and big buildings and conglomerates where these problems escalate to a whole new level can avoid the hazardous surprises caused due to badly maintained plumbing system. 

What do the facts say? 

The Environmental Protection Agency in the US, under a study, states: an average home can save about 10% of its water bill by eliminating the leaks. 

By integrating the smart technology in the plumbing system allows you to reach that goal efficiently. The technology is very popular in Australia and has been well adopted by the people and service providers. 

How does the technology works? 

IoT and smart devices have made a strong debut in our lives. From voice-assisted devices to smart thermostats, everything is connected to our WiFi; why not the plumbing system? 

Smart plumbing manufacturers and mechanical engineers are coming together and innovating the plumbing industry. They are giving accessible technology solutions to make it possible for people to monitor their plumbing system and make the right decision. 

How does it solve the problem? Products such as water monitoring and a shut-off system that detects even the micro leaks and other vulnerabilities can save gallons of water and tons of money on the water bills. 

It is a one-time investment with fewer maintenance needs that allow you to save the money you would have otherwise put on taking down a part of your home and redoing the plumbing. 

The device is installed on the main water supply line, and from a single device, it shows you the flow rate, temperature, and pressure of the water supply line. It gives you tools to monitor any leakages. 

Today, we have devices that proactively monitor the pressure of the water in a home, and they send out alters to the owners to reduce the water flow to avoid any serious damage to the water pipeline and micro leaks. This advanced technology detects even a small drop of water per minute. 

The precision is commendable. 

How does it benefit you?

Other than saving money on the water bills, there are several other positive reasons you must look forward to investing in new plumbing technology. It helps you as a consumer, it helps the insurance companies, and it helps the plumbers. It is amazing how the devices are designed by keeping different stakeholders central to the product design. 

The detection and monitoring property of the smart devices help you prevent leaks, which means the cost of maintenance is reduced to a large amount. Then the system is smart; it collects data regularly and learns about your consumption habits. As a consumer, it is a pretty good deal. 

As for insurance companies, it helps mitigates the money they have to pay for the water damages related to the insurance claims. Each year, millions of dollars are dispensed by the insurance companies on loan claims. 

The technology is also a boon to the plumbers as it sends out alerts to plumbers too. Also, smart detection allows the plumbers to detect the problem easily and also helps them suggest you the right solution. 

The alert system

The smart system sends out emails to the homeowners via an email or an in-app notification. There are some devices that come with call alerts too. 

Since the entire system can be managed by a single click on the app, you can even shut off the water supply through the app from any part of the world. In case you are unreachable through emails or texts and the issue is critical, the system would immediately shut off the water supply itself to protect the home. 

Other features of the smart plumbing system 

Real-time monitoring, daily health tests, and smart detection make the entire system much more efficient. By learning about the habits of water wastage, we can change our ways of working and save gallons of water from living more sustainably. 

One of the most stand-out features of the smart device is the troubleshooting features. Right from dialing to a plumber to meeting your conservation goals, the system provides smart and easy tips to manage your plumbing system much better. It also comes with voice-assisted updates on water usage; however, not many solutions are enabled with it. 

Wrapping Up 

The world is becoming more and more technology-driven, and there are amazing solutions available out there to help you manage your home. Meanwhile, you are investing so much on the inside of the home; how about you start thinking smart for what runs inside our walls. 

The smart plumbing system is not something of the future. It is working amazingly great for people in Australia, that have seen a drought knocking on their doors. The more we grow aware of climate change and how even a small contribution to conserve something as precious as water, we must do it. Everything counts. Click over here in case you need consultation or help with installations. 

By karl