5 Tangle-Free Ways to Store Christmas Lights for Next Year

Store Christmas Lights for Next Year
Store Christmas Lights for Next Year

Although Christmas is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year,” there are a lot of components that can make it “the most frustrating time of year” if you’re not careful. Your schedule is full and you want to make your home the warmest, most picturesque place in the world. You might feel like if it doesn’t look like the cover of a HomeGoods catalog that you’re doing it wrong.

It takes a lot of work to get everything just right. This year, don’t get your lights in a bunch. There are ways you can streamline your decoration packing that will make everything much easier for years to come. Here are five tangle-free ways to store your Christmas lights for the coming year.

1. Commit to your Christmas vision.

When was the last time you updated your Christmas decorations? Yes, tradition is important, but if the chords of your lights tangle and wonky, they can be difficult to work with. Commit to your vision by getting your family higher quality lights that will make decorating easier.

If you consider yourself one of the great Christmas designers Christmas lights that come from a retail shelf, just shouldn’t cut it anymore. It’s 2020! There are fully customizable options that will make your home sparkle and shine in whatever unique way you want!

Twinkly Home RGB Christmas Lights come with an app that allows you to choose from 16 million colors, adjust brightness, tints, and shades, as well as allow for you to buy a USB plugin in that will make your lights dance to Christmas tunes. You won’t want to just throw these in a box when you’re complete. You’ll store them properly and keep them nice for years to come.

2. Give yourself a little space.

Are you just throwing your lights into a crammed bin in order to make it fit in your basement? If you’re an avid Christmas decorator, your decorations are probably taking up a lot of space. Don’t sacrifice your beautiful decor or your downstairs rooms by looking for cheap storage units in Houston or wherever you’re living.

U.S. Storage Units is a resource that will help you find an available storage unit in your area. That way you have the space to put your lights in separate containers, instead of getting them all tangled in one bin. Your significant other will love having more space in your home and you might even be able to add to your Christmas collection, so it’s a win/win situation.

2. Get your lights rocking and rolling.

Your lights are rocking when they’re up, and a great way to store them for the next year is to roll them up. You can buy storage wheels for your string lights that will easily keep them from tangling all together. You simply start at one end and wind them around the wheel. When you put them up next year, you only have to unroll a little at a time, allowing you to wrap them around the Christmas tree without wrapping them around your ankles.

4. Teamwork makes the dream work!

In order to properly store your lights, it always helps to use the buddy system. String lights can be cumbersome, and even with a solid storage system in place; it’s much easier to do with an extra pair of hands. Ask someone for help, so you don’t tangle up, and then promise to get ice cream or some other treat afterward, because it’s always sad when the Christmas decorations come down.

5. Save the date!

Are your Christmas lights always tangled, because you don’t give yourself enough time to take them down? If you procrastinate taking down the lights until you suddenly have a late January dinner party, and you have to get them down, so your friends don’t think you’re crazy, you just need to plan a little better. Set a date, be stern with yourself, and get them packed up with some care.