Setting Up a Home Theater in a Small Apartment

The cosmopolitan capital of South Australia’s Territory is Adelaide. It is famed for its world-class museums like the Art Gallery of South Australia which showcases expansive collections of indigenous art. There’s also the South Australian Museum that’s a haven for natural history. This town is famed for its annual international arts gathering called the Adelaide Festival. Apart from featuring artworks and artifacts, they also show films. 

The people who call Adelaide home certainly know how to have a great time. If you want to experience all these fun stuff right at the comforts of your house, you can do so in your own home cinema. Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean forgoing your home theater dreams. Though there will be some limits due to space, you can still make it a reality with a few compromises. With the help of a company that offers home theater installation to guide you, those dreams can be a reality. Consider these suggestions for setting up a home cinema in your small home:  

1. Choose a Wall Mounted Screen

Though you may have to forgo that 100-inch projector you are drooling over because of space impediments, you can still pick a good quality projector or TV screen that will fit your space. A size of 50 to 60 inches is good enough to fit a small space while still providing you with a silver screen like feel. The key is mounting the screen on your wall, so you don’t waste any more valuable on a shelf that takes up even more space.  

2. Pick a Sleek Sound System 

You can ask a team that does home theater installation to set up a sleek sound system that’s not very bulky. You can then have this mounted on your ceiling or walls, so it doesn’t eat up your limited floor area. A professional company can help you hide the unsightly wires, or you can use a wireless setup too. Many good acoustic sound options are sleek and sophisticated. Best of all, they come with a clear, robust, and vibrant sound that will make for an immersive experience. You’re actually lucky because, in a compact space, you can set up an affordable acoustic system that will create an impact. 

3. Select a Savvy Video Player

You must also pick a well-designed video player that will blend in seamlessly into your space. This will be necessary if you use a simple projector. However, if you pick a smart TV that can directly play apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., then you can use your gadget to stream your fave movies directly. You can also count on a media stick to plug directly onto your TV’s USB port. 

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4. Add Embellishments For a Real Cinema Feel

Finally, don’t forget to count on decors to give your small space a real-life cinema feel. You can add movie posters, Oscar-like statues, and a red carpet to get that Hollywood vibe. You can also use lights to set the mood. Be sure to use warm lights to create a nicer ambience that evokes a cozy glow. Steer, clear of glaring white fluorescent that hurt that eyes. Happy watching!

By Punit