Solitaire Games

What Is Solitaire?

Solitaire is one of America’s most popular single player card games. Solitaire has been a part of digital gaming since 1990.

It is one of 83 games offered in the games hub. According to most researchers, solitaire games came out from the popular usage of tarot cards at that time.

As we got to know solitaire games are card games and it’s a great way to enhance your card-playing skills. It’s a single player game so that you can have fun on your own.

Here we are going to describe the best free solitaire digital games and their different types.

1. Klondike

Klondike Solitaire is one of the most popular versions of all Solitaire games. Its origin is uncertain but it is most likely to have appeared in the 19th century in Canada.

In Klondike solitaire game we have 52 cards. The goal of the game is to arrange each suit from ace to king.

The cards are divided into 7 piles from left to right, all the cards are facing down except for the upper one in each pile.

To unlock the bottom cards, the player has to build sequences in descending order from the king to ace, and with different colors, only the king can be moved into spaces.

The remaining cards are called stock. We can use the top three cards of stock as a tableau card.

If you are unable to move, the game is over.

2. Spider

Spider is one of the most popular two-deck solitaire games. It originated in 1949, and the idea came from a spider’s eight legs, which is the reference to eight foundation piles that need to be filled to win the game.


  • In the Spider Solitaire game, we have 104 cards as it uses two card decks. It can be played with one suit or more than one suit.
  • The tableau setting is very much similar to the Klondike solitaire in terms of piles, a stockpile, and foundations. The cards are all faced up and only full sequence can be sent to the foundations.
  • The goal of the game is to arrange suite sequences within the piles, from king to ace.
  • Whenever you tap on the stockpile it will add an extra pile.
  • The game becomes more difficult when more than one suite is used.

3. FreeCell

FreeCell solitaire is one of the most similar to the Klondike solitaire as it also uses one single deck. Microsoft has included FreeCell computer games since 1995. It is one of the solitaire games which have the highest solvable probabilities.


  • In FreeCell solitaire, we have 52 cards, and the cards are divided into 7 piles and there is no stockpile.
  • All the cards are facing up and easily visible to the players.
  • The goal of the game is to build the foundation by suit.
  • The sequences are also built in a similar way as Klondike such as ascending order in the foundations and descending order with alternate colors.
  • The main difference between FreeCell and Klondike is 4 empty spaces on the tableau which are called FreeCell.

4. Tri-peaks

 The idea of the Tri-peaks solitaire name came from the three pyramid peaks created by the cards displayed on the tableau. It is also called three peaks tri towers and triple peaks. The game was invented in 1989 by Robert Hogue.


  • To play the game you will need 52 card deck. The cards are placed in the shape of a pyramid.
  • Each pyramid contains 4 cards facing up while the others are facing down. The remaining decks are set in a stockpile.
  • The objective of the game is to clean every one of the cards off of the scene. By constructing sequences of cards one point higher or lower than the previous one, regardless of suit, the player must deconstruct the pyramids to accomplish this. 
  • The cards that are eliminated from the pyramid are sent into a dispose of heap. The top card of this heap turns into the base for the following arrangement. At the point when there are no more moves free, the player might utilize the Store and send an alternate card to dispose of the heap to be utilized as the grouping base.

5. Pyramid

The idea of the Pyramid solitaire name came from the single pyramid shape of the cards on the tableau. It has simple game rules still it’s one of the solitaire games with the lowest probability of winning.


  • Pyramid is a solitaire pairing game with  52-card deck. All the cards are facing up in a pyramid shape. Only the face-up cards can be called into play.
  • The objective of the game is to remove all the cards from the pyramid, and the cards are removed in pairs. The total of pairing cards should be 13. Only  king can be removed by itself.
  • In pyramid solitaire the king is valued at 13, the queens are valued at 12, and the jacks are valued at 11.
  • If you can remove all the cards from the pyramid you will win the game, and if you get stuck to make a move you will lose the game.

6. Yukon

The Yukon solitaire game is inspired by the authentic Klondike, still, the rules of the Yukon solitaire are pretty different from Klondike. The game has a higher difficulty level.


  • In Yukon solitaire, we have 52 52-card deck sets on the tableau. The cards are divided into 7 piles and all the cards are facing up regardless of the bottom one.
  • The sequences inside the piles are formed similarly as in the Klondike games, which are in descending order with different colors. However, we don’t need to build sequences to move the cards. But the only rule is that we can only top free cards.
  • The goal of the Yukon solitaire is to move cards from the tableau area into the foundation from ace to king by suit.
  • The rules to move cards around the tableau are a little more challenging because there is no stockpile.

7. Golf

Golf solitaire is known as one foundation because it is the game of patience. The terminology is borrowed from the golf sport.


  • It uses a standard 52-card deck. The cards are divided into 7 columns with 5 cards in each column. Each card overlaps the previous card, and all the cards are face up.
  • The remaining 16 cards are turned face down in a stockpile.
  • The game begins with moving the topmost card in each column from the tableau. Once it is removed, the card beneath becomes available to play.
  • Cards can only be moved to the foundation when it’s one rank higher or one rank lower than the top cards regardless of suit. However, nothing can be played on top of a king.
  • The game gets over when the stocks are exhausted and you are not able to make a move.

8. Scorpion 

Scorpion Solitaire is one of the most difficult games out of all solitaire games. Somewhere it does resonate with spider solitaire.


  • The game begins with 49 cards, divided into 7 columns on the tableau. The remaining three cards are kept aside for later.
  • The first three cards in the first four columns are faced down and the remaining cards in the setup are faced up.
  • The objective of the game is to build full descending sequences (from king to ace) of the suit before sending the cards into the foundation.
  • You are allowed to move any card, regardless of its position but it needs to be kept on top of a free card.
  • You win the game when the object is fulfilled.

9. Canfield

Canfield solitaire is an English game and it has a very low possibility of winning. It has become more popular in the United States since the 20th century by the name of the casino owner called Richard A Canfield.


  • To play the canfield solitaire you will need 52 card deck, first 13 cards are face down except the top card. This pile is known as stock.
  • The next card from the deck is placed faced up to firm the first foundation.
  • The other four cards from the deck are placed face up in a horizontal row to the right of the stockpile.
  • The remaining cards will be used as a draw deck.
  • The objective of the game is to put all the cards into the foundation piles.
  • If you can put all the cards into the 4 foundation the game is won.

10. Addiction

Addiction solitaire game is known to make players addicted. The game is very simple but in its simplicity lies the difficulty.


  • Addiction solitaire uses 52 card deck. The cards are set into 4 raw with 13 cards each.
  • Once the cards are set on tableau we will remove the aces from the game. You can use the spaces to shift the cards around.
  • The objective of the game is to rearrange the cards in ascending order by suit.
  • To win the game you have to make sure that each raw must contain only cards of a single suit, starting with the ace on the left and ending with the kings on the right.


Solitaire isn’t simply a period passing game, yet it likewise has various advantages for both the body and psyche. Playing solitaire can upgrade your mental capability, work on your concentration, and increase your understanding. Notwithstanding, even though the game is generally simple, it can in any case introduce an extensive test. Subsequently, it is vital to dominate the guidelines and take as much time as is needed to win.

All in all, next time you discover yourself feeling bored you need to check out the solitaire game. It will provide you with a fun and some extra thrill once you will master the game.