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Traveling truly is food for the soul, and whether you have been lucky enough to travel to a plethora of amazing countries and subsequently have immersed yourself in a myriad of different cultures, or else have spent longer than a holiday in one or more countries, then you will surely want to include these insights into your own home design. 

So, here for your reading pleasure and, of course, information is how to include your travel experience and memories in your home design and décor

Photographic Collages

One of the many disadvantages of the power of social media is that it has albeit entirely eradicated the need for people to print photographs at the local supermarket and have them arranged in an album. 

The uploading of photographs to various social media sites also means that there is now a distinct lack of framed photographs in a lot of homes across the length and breadth of the country. Take all your most prized and favored photographs from your travels and arrange them as a photo wall in your living or dining room. Not only will your travel photographic collage be a fantastic talking point in the home, but it will also remind you of your adventures. 

Your Children’s Room

If you have young children, then their bedroom is one of the spaces in your home where you can truly embrace the more obvious travel décor and design elements. 

From the bedding, pillows, and blankets to the style of the toy box and the wall art, you can go to town on the travel-related items in your kids’ rooms. Additionally, you can even combine artwork with entertainment by fitting a carpet covered in countries of the world, with pictures of animals and landmarks in each country for your children to learn about. 

Feature Walls as Focal Points

The absolute beauty of a feature wall is that you can afford to be as bright, colorful, and ‘in your face’ as you would like while still keeping the overall aesthetic balance of the room in check. 

If you are ready to fully embrace the traveling motif throughout your home, a perfect feature wall in the living room or even the hall would be a world map, either in full color or in more tasteful blacks, greys, and whites. For more inspiration, as well as helpful advice, be sure to contact prestigious and established bathrooms St Albans to find out how to best combine your traveling souvenirs with a modern aesthetic. 

Complement your new feature wall by investing in some throw pillows with travel prints, train stations, or even capital cities in text or image formats. 

Home Décor 

Arrange some either repurposed or else purpose-bought suitcases in deep browns or even white tones to become a small side table, or even larger cases to create a coffee table. 

Another element to introduce your home décor is the myriad of souvenirs, artwork, and other things you have brought back from your various trips abroad. Have fun arranging your collections in different areas, and be sure to theme your various arrangements according to the visual appeal of the rest of the room. 

By Punit