Wedding ceremonies are as special to your guests as for yourself. Wedding arrangements have been planned for the guests so they could feel comfortable. It can be about venue, food, catering, seating arrangements. While planning for the seating arrangements, you need to look for the venue and list of the invitees. It is the most tedious process to prepare a seating chart. You must be thinking why you have started planning in a last minute. It’s ok, we have some creative ideas to organize it beautifully well,

 Wedding Reception

1. Start early planning

Start preparing early for the seating chart of your invitees, u will be surprised when you saw, the bride and groom planning for seating before a night of the wedding. A day before the wedding is added up more important works to be done. It should be planned before 15 days of the ceremony. Early planning leads to the best arrangements.

2. Structured spreadsheet

Develop a spreadsheet according to the different categories of the guests like bride’s family, bride’s friends, bride’s relatives, groom’s family, groom’s relatives, bridegroom’s parents so they need not sit with the strangers and they could enjoy the event by sitting near their dear ones.

3. Put your creativity

Wedding Reception

Use your creativity and place your ideas on big posters and draw the table pattern on it and including sticky notes to is great fun. It will add more fun if the bridegroom both plan it together on this task.

4. Head table arrangements

The head table is required to place in a reception for the bride and groom. If the crowd in the party is a large one, then you can create space using dual table and can set a special head table decorated with unique centerpieces for the couple and family.

5. Modern seating

Modern seating

Don’t follow the crowd, go with the modern and contemporary ideas and give freedom to your bridesmaids and groomsmen to sit freely with their relatives and friends.

6. Ideal seats for parents

According to the traditional arrangements place, the seats of parents near the bridegroom and grandparents and other family members can sit along with them. If any of parent is divorced, arrange another seating involving their family to make your reception comfortable and peaceful. It depends on your judgment because you know your parent well.

7. Place annoying one carefully

In every family, there are one or more persons on the guest list, who will not be friendly with every one, take extra concern while placing their seats nearby your relatives. This act can either ruin your celebration or make it more joyous.

8. Match the loved ones

Weddings are meant to fall in love and be romantic, you can grab the chance and seat your guests with whom they may be interested in. you can also arrange a table for the college friends to rejoice the memories of college days altogether. It can add more fun to your party.

By Punit