Indian Wedding Ceremonies

Indian wedding is nothing less than extravagantly organized “series of happy ceremonies”. The wedding itself has several pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies. So if you’re all confused as to what to wear to look absolutely mesmerizing while attending an Indian wedding, here are few tips:

1. Henna ceremony:

The ceremony is all about applying the beautiful henna designs on the hands and feet of the bride. Not only the “lady of the event” is applied with the alluring henna designs, but her friends and family members also participate in it too. They also apply the intricate henna designs. The ceremony is believed to be religiously significant too and you can witness it in every Indian wedding.

The best dress to wear for this occasion is something in green if you’re attending the Mehendi ceremony of your “bestie” or just go with the dress code mention in her Indian wedding card.

2. Sangeet ceremony

Primarily it was only by the family of “bride”, but with the passage of time even the groom’s family organize it before the wedding. In fact, for most of the people, it is one of the most “looking forward to” ceremony of wedding. Family members and the guests dance their hearts out and just enjoy the celebration of “happy vibes” of the ceremony. Get ready to see some groovy moves of the bride’s sisters and groom’s brothers. It can be organized together or even separately by the bride’s and groom’s families at their respective venues. If it is organized together, get ready to see some “serious competition” of dancing skills. It is one happy ceremony of all.

Wear something shimmery in bold colors for this occasion or just go with the dress code mentioned in Indian wedding cards.

3. Haldi ceremony

This ceremony is a pre-wedding ceremony organized on the morning of the wedding day. Both the bride and grooms enjoy this “Haldi” ceremony. As per this ritual, the family member of the bride and the groom pour oil turmeric and water over the “to be bride and to be groom”. Haldi (turmeric) is believed to be pious and is believed to bless the couple. Also, the medicinal and herbal properties of turmeric are not unknown, and hence it will surely work wonder on your skin with that natural glow.

The best wedding attire can be ethnic wear in yellow color resembling the color of turmeric or something enchantingly pastel. If Indian wedding cards specifically mention a dress code, go with that.

4. Wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony is the “Phera ceremony” wherein the bride and groom are tied in the auspicious bond of “marriage”. You can see some interesting Indian ritual practices here. The “pheras”, the Sindoor ceremony, and the mangalsutra ceremony are interesting enough to watch. Try to wear something traditional for this ceremony.

Go with some luring hued ethnic wear or just go with the “dress code” mentioned in the wedding invite.

Most of the time, the dress code is mentioned in Indian wedding cards; still, if it’s not there, you can wear something ethnic in most of the ceremonial events. With traditional attire, ethnic jewels and a smile, enjoy the beautiful ceremonies of the Indian wedding.

By Punit