Road Trip with Family

It’s hard to find a person who does not want to spend leisure time with family, friends or his/her soul mate in privacy. Here privacy means freedom of commuting on their own with exclusive independence from public transport. Driving your own car can be the best option, as long as it is executing your needs. Even if it efficiently accommodates everyone, sometimes it’s not possible to take your personal vehicle due to the extremely long distance.

However, you can always experience the joy of driving on your own after renting an auto from a reliable car rental firm. Whether you are running your personal car or you are using a rental, keeping everything organized is inevitable to explore the real joy of tripping with the family. Road tripping usually leads you to drive for the significantly longer duration. No matter you are commuting with adults or kids, you don’t enjoy long-distance driving unless you have made suitable arrangements for eating, drinking and entertainment on the way.

Secondly, you have to also think about preparing yourself to fix small mechanical faults, which are inevitable to happen anytime. Obviously, no one enjoys such annoying situations.

Below I am sharing a few important tips, which will help you to manage everything well. Whether it is about packing necessities for kids or compiling a tool kit to fix ordinary faults and breakage.

1. Don’t neglect planning

When it comes to spending a vacation with family, generally, people ignore the importance of planning. It becomes mandatory to avoid emergencies. Especially, if you are going for a highway trip in a foreign country. Identify common and special needs of your family before packing up and picking car rental. You must already know about the size and most suitable kind of automobile for your family. So that you can demand vendors to only provide the one you have demanded. Also, check the route in advance to see the compatibility of the automobile. It makes sense you can’t take a luxury wheel in a hilly area with bumpy streets.

2. Bring food and snacks

Although there may be plenty of cafes and dining outlets on your way, driving in a foreign territory do not ensure the availability of food and snacks you will always enjoy. Especially, if you are traveling with children, be ready to listen to no from them. To avoid such unhappy moments simply pack up some snacks, like sandwiches, biscuits, juices, chew gum and chips. Also, carry sufficient water containers, both for drinking and washing purposes. Tell everyone not to throw wrappers either inside the car or on the way. Ask them to collect such stuff in a shopping bag, which can be discarded in a dustbin.

3. Consider packing an activity backpack for all

Irrespective of their ages, sitting quietly and calmly watching outside is almost impossible. No one can’t sit idle for several hours. You can simply avoid this situation after packing an activity backpack for family members. Technology has made it easier to make such arrangements. All you need to do is to pick up the internet device, power banks, chargers, tablets and smartphones to keep them busy. Moreover, kids can also keep their favorite story and coloring book and crayons to have some fun.

4. Set a few rules before start your journey

Conflicts are inevitable to happen, whether you are traveling with your family or friends. Having been a master trip planner, it is your responsibility to establish a few rules, which are mandatory to follow for everyone. For example, ask everyone to take care of their belongings on their own. Don’t take off their shoes and leave their backpack carelessly.

If the driver is stopping at a café, everyone shows responsibility and bring back everything back, which they have taken out. Especially, ensure that kids will not leave toys outside. Request all of them to check their seats for used tissues, wrappers, napkins, empty can and cups to put them in the trash so that dustbin will be emptied at the stop.

5. Throw away egoistic attitude

No matter how carefully you drive, you can’t avoid facing the situation which is beyond your control. If you encountered a drunk person on the way, fighting with him is useless. You need to behave sensibly with patience to settle down the situation. The best you can do is to contact authorities to resolve the situation as soon as possible. Being a foreigner, it is not wise to prolong these matters, as it can destroy the fun.

Summary: Whether you are planning a trip in your home country, or you are hitting the roads of another country, keep these simple things in your mind to stay organized throughout the trip to extract maximum fun.

By Punit