Red Dead Redemption 2 Mods

Do you love playing the Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption 2?

Are you seeking here for some hacks to improve your gameplay?

If yes, we have landed up here with the 10 best mods for you. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best open-world video games options in the marketplace. The game is supposed to be a masterpiece and everything involved here is just amazing. The gameplay comes up in both online and offline versions. The involvement of different RDR 2 mods is also something that has forced the gameplay towards the heights of success. To help our readers in improving their overall gaming with Red Dead Redemptions, we have listed here the best mods in the league. Check out all of them and install the mod on your device that you are finding more interesting.

Play As Animal

In case you are playing the RDR 2 pc mods as Arthur, this mod will work mainly for you. The mod is quite effective and offers you the chance of playing the game as an NPC or animal. Users are free to select an animal from a bear or bird in the gameplay as per their preferences. The mod also offers switching between the different NPCs at any time of the game effortlessly.

Riot Mode

Breaking laws at any time of the gaming can force one to act in that law. The involvement of this mod transforms everyone out there into a raving lunatic. The mod is known as the sort of survival mode. NPCs continue to attack each other in the game and you have to save yourself perfectly throughout. 

Skip the Opening Act

The first act of the game is usually the introduction of the characters and the establishment of connections with them. For users who are getting back to the platform after a long time, it feels quite annoying to face the same intro again. Skipping the opening act helps you in running the game directly while skipping the first part conveniently. 

Photorealistic ReShade

It is another wonderful mod available in the list that works for improving the overall colors, tone mapping, shadows, and sharpness of the game. The mod is quite effective in improving the performance of your game. The mode helps in improving the already existing graphics of RDR 2 car mods efficiently.

RDR – Contacts

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open-world title where one can easily spend hundreds of hours conveniently. The RDR-Contracts mod helps in adding a slew of new activities in a very user-friendly manner. The mod helps in adding more than twenty-two auto-generated assassination missions to the game where each one is unique and offers different variations to the users for ensuring smooth completion. The mod is quite helpful for all those, who are currently willing to enjoy the world of hunting action games.

Horse Key Mod

It feels annoying to opt for an incorrect horse or have a wrong deal. The horse Key Mod option serves to be a great help for the user. It helps you in retaining the same horse and its accessories throughout the game by enabling clear marking. 

Arthur Morgan As Joker

If you love to play DC’s Joker and RDR 2’S Arthur Morgan game. If yes, now enjoy playing with both of these characters in the best collaborative way at RDR 2 story mode Mods. The mode helps in retexturing Arthur’s face with Joker’s smile. This particular RDR 2 Mod pays homage to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. 

Fight Club

The Fight Club mod helps in adding a brawling minigame to the Red Dead Redemption 2. Users of this mod are free to duke it out with the help of any NPC in the game. Users here can easily fight the gameplay in different rounds where each one becomes harder after each passing level. 

Blink or Teleportation Mod

The mod is quite helpful in Red Dead Redemption 2 as it enables users to teleport to any location effortlessly. Users here can easily select the location they are willing to go to with just a single button press. The option works well inside the player character’s field of view. In simpler words, we can also say that it offers users the freedom of teleporting to the areas that are visible to them.

Slow Motion

This wonderful mod helps you in examining the beauty of the game’s physics engine more efficiently. The mod features Deadeye which is quite effective in gunfights. As the name is describing it well, the mod helps you in slowing down the time outside of gunfights. Users can easily opt for the default key “Y” for using the mod however they can customize the key and game’s speed as per their preferences as well.


So, Guys! Use any of the above-mentioned mods and make your Red Dead Redemption 2 gaming quite effective. 

By Punit