FireStick Remote Not Working? Here’s What You Can Do To Fix It?

FireStick Remote

Has your Amazon FireStick remote suddenly stopped working?

Are you facing difficulties in catching up on your favorite movie?

If yes, we are here with a perfect quick guide for you that will help you in fixing the FireStick remote not working issues perfectly.

The growing technology has nowhere left the Amazon FireStick TV remotes untouched. Whether it is about FireStick TV remote or it is about some other remotes associated with Bluetooth technology, each one has worked for elevating the entertainment industry to the next level. 

The Amazon FireStick comes up with a remote control that makes access easier on it. It is regardless of how impactful FireStick is. This has effectively made life easier by cutting the codes. It feels quite annoying when the remote of the FireStick stops working suddenly.

Firestick remote not working

My FireStick remote not working” is one of the most common issues that a FireStick owner usually faces. 

There are multiple reasons behind this annoying issue and so are the fixes to make it operational again. Batteries and blocking up of the signals are one of the most common issues related to the “FireStick not working” issue. 

If your FireStick remote control is not at this moment, don’t worry, as we are here with the most probable reasons and fixes for it.

What are the main reasons behind the “FireStick remote not working” issue?

Multiple reasons further add up FireStick remote stopping working. If you are eager to know what exactly are they, just check out the few we are providing below:


Batteries serve as the major reason “why is my firestick remote not working”. It may be due to the lower battery charge. And, the improperly inserted batteries can also serve to be the major reason behind the same.


In case you have opted for a replacement remote and your remote is not being paired up with your FireStick, the chances are quite higher that it will not work. So, before you move ahead with the usage, make sure that your replacement remote is being paired up with your FireStick properly.


The majority of the FireStick remotes use Bluetooth technology to work on. Whether it is about remote control or something else, the devices that use Bluetooth technology work on a theoretical range of about 30 feet in all. Whereas if we will go for using it practically, it may be quite lower than that. So, before trying up any solution over there, we would advise you to keep a distance lower than that only.


The absence of a direct line of sight between the FireStick and the remote control can also serve to be the major reason behind the “firestick remote volume not working” issue. Moreover, the presence of different obstructions out there also can add up more to the issues.


Majority of the devices being used today work on different technologies. Usage of different devices at the same location can further interfere with the Bluetooth connections. It can further prevent your remote from working perfectly.


Compatibility is the major thing one needs to think about while purchasing any replacement remote for your FireStick. The remote control you are going to purchase for your FireStick should be perfectly compatible with it and should include all of the basic functionalities.


Impacts and damages are the basic things that can serve to be the reason behind internal faults and then further failing of components. Usage of such corrupted remote control will prevent your accessibility over FireStick devices.

How to fix “FireStick Remote Not Working”?

Just as the reasons behind the issues, different solutions can help you in enabling smooth functionalities. We are here to provide you with the different solutions for the “amazon firestick remote not working” issue as per the problem they are being raised on. So, check out to find which one relates to you.

Solution 1 : Solution for Battery Issues

Batteries are one of the most common reasons behind the “FireStick not working” problem. We know the FireStick uses Bluetooth technology rather than infrared. It makes the connection erratic especially when the batteries are drained out. 

Whether it is about Fire TV or it is about FireStick both are power-hungry options. These consume a lot of battery usually. For consistent usage of FireStick, the usage of batteries is quite higher than that of the one with other devices. So, it gets quite important for the person to keep on replacing their batteries. It is needed to done quite often to enable smooth working. For enabling smooth battery changing the things you have to do are:

  • Take out your baterties from the FireStick device.
  • Make sure to check out the battery installation style so that you can effectively go with the same. In case you mistakenly have added batteries in the backward direction, try to reinstall them in the remote again. 
  • For easy access and effortless handling, you can easily check out the battery compartment. This compartment usually includes a detailed diagram showing the directions of the batteries installed. 
  • Once done, install the new batteries and then enjoy the seamless experience.
  • If the problem persists, the chances are quite higher that it’s not your batteries who are creating a problem here.

Solution 2 : Perfect pairing of FireStick to the Remote Control

Getting a new FireStick remote or Fire TV device is not easy at all. You first need to deal with the pairing process which may sometimes feel a bit difficult for you. If it is so, here is the detailed process, that will help you in pairing your FireStick to the remote control:

  • Plugin your FireStick TV option and then make sure that you have turned it on.
  • You now have to wait for a few minutes until the Fire TV has been booted up.
  • Once done, hold your remote control near your FireStick TV option. Then press and hold the Home button on your Fire TV remote. 
  • Keeps on holding the Home button consistently for the next 10 years and once done release the button. 
  • Check whether your remote is working properly or not yet. If not you can try holding down your Home button again.

Solution 3 : Removing obstructions and reducing distance with Fire TV remotes

Obstructions and longer distance of remote control from FireStick TV are another one of the most common reasons behind this annoying issue. As we know, FireStick uses Bluetooth instead of infrared radiation. The best thing about using such a remote control is that you don’t need to have a direct line of sight between the remote. And, your device nor do you need to point out your remote control over your device for enabling successful access. 

Rather than the orientation of the remote control, the strength of your Bluetooth signal matters here a lot. The range of these Bluetooth devices is usually quite low. The presence of any kind of obstructions over there can reduce the range of remote control drastically.

Detailed solution

If you are eager to know whether it is distance or obstructions that are creating an issue here inaccessibility, let’s have a look at the detailed solution we are providing you below:

  • The very first thing you need to try in this league is to move your remote physically and get it a bit closer to the FireStick.
  • Make sure to remove all of the obstructions between your remote control and your FireStick device.
  • Doesn’t matter where you have to hold your remote. You can easily keep it behind, in front, close, or anywhere near to your FireStick TV for enabling smooth and successful access. In case you require it, you can also opt for the FireStick extension dongle for repositioning your device effectively.
  • If you are going to move the FireStick out from behind your TV you need to have a longer extension for the same.
  • In case your FireStick TV is being placed in any entertainment cabinet or smaller enclosure, you can remove the same and can check whether your FireStick TV remote is working properly or not yet.

Solution 4 : Check out the interferences available 

Where the Bluetooth remotes do come up with a vast range of features, it also includes some drawbacks as well that further affect your accessibility. The major drawback of Bluetooth remotes is that they are quite susceptible to interference.

In case you are having other electronic devices at your home such as microwave ovens, wireless phones, wireless speakers, unshielded coaxial cables, and much more the chances are quite high that their interference will further affect your accessibility over the FireStick TV remote control.

You can try moving these devices or even FireStick TV itself to enable smooth access. If that is not possible for you. You can simply shut down them or can unplug them to enable smooth functioning. 

Solution 5 : Compatibility issues

In case you have got a new FireStick remote control and it is failing to get paired up with your FireStick TV, it will further block up your way of usage. If we search the marketplace, we will jump to the conclusion that there are different generations and models of FireStick TV in the marketplace. And it is also quite not necessary that each one out there will go perfectly with your newly purchased remote control. To resolve this issue successfully, just try to get the remote control that is perfectly compatible with your FireStick TV.

Solution 6 : Control your FireStick TV from your phone

In case you have tried all of the above solutions given above very carefully and still haven’t found the perfect solution for the “FireStick remote not working” issue. We would advise you to get access to your FireStick TV using your phone. For enabling the same, the only thing you have to do is to install a related Fire TV app on your smartphone. 

The majority of the official application stores of different operating systems include such apps in their list, so one doesn’t need to go for any third-party access here. Install a related app on your device from your related app store and once done, start using your FireStick effortlessly.

How to access

Here is how you can access  your FireStick TV using these apps”

  • Plugin your FireStick TV and then wait till it boots up completely.
  • Once done, go for the download and install option of the FireStick TV app on your device, and once done, launch to open it up.
  • The next thing you have to do in the league is to make a secure sign-in to your Amazon account using the FireStick TV remote control app. 
  • The next thing you have to do is to select the FireStick TV device from the provided list of devices.
  • Once you do it, a code will be provided to you.
  • Wait patiently till the code appears on your TV screen and once done with it, make sure to enter the given code in your app very carefully.
  • Once done, you can now start using your FireStick TV effortlessly with your smartphone now.


So, guys! Enjoy seamless access over your FireStick remote control now while using the different solutions being provided above. All of these are one of the most effective and most popular solutions to deal with such issue. These will also help you in enabling smooth access over your FireStick TV.