Is It Normal To Itch All Over During Pregnancy?

Itch All Over During Pregnancy

It’s quite natural to experience a few odd symptoms during pregnancy. However, if you feel itchy – mild or intense, that is surely going to be a new experience for you. Read on to know if it is normal to itch all over during pregnancy.

From feeling dizzy and nauseous to facing trouble in breathing and feeling gaseous; pregnancy undoubtedly is giving you a host of odd experiences. However, the last thing you could have ever imagined during this otherwise beautiful journey is getting an itchy feeling.

You remember, hearing about this particular pregnancy symptom from a lot of your other pregnant friends. But they mustn’t have told you that itchy skin during pregnancy is common among 20% pregnant women. 

Itch All Over During Pregnancy

So now, when you feel the urge to scratch around your belly and breasts, you start wondering about all the possible reasons behind it and if it is normal to itch all over during pregnancy?

Don’t worry! With this article, we’re sure you’ll be able to clarify at least some of your doubts.

So, read on to find out…

Fluctuating Hormones

Contributes to all kinds of pregnancy symptoms – from mood swings to feeling constipated. And yes, mild itching is not uncommon. In fact, the urge to scratch on the hands and the feet is due to high rising oestrogen levels during pregnancy.

Dry Skin

Here again the main culprit is your hormones. Hormonal changes rob your skin of its oil and moisture, leaving your skin dry and itchy.

Stretchy Skin

Your evolving body, which is working in sync with your evolving stomach during pregnancy, to accommodate your growing would-be-baby, makes your skin stretch, thus making you feel itchy.

Certain Deodorants or Perfumes or Fabrics

You should be wary of deodorants or perfumes made up of preservatives (for example parabens) during pregnancy. That may not just trigger allergic reactions during pregnancy, but they are also linked to the birth defects in babies.

Moreover, your maternity clothes should be made up of cotton. Since your hormones are overdriving you, avoid wearing anything made out of chiffon, georgette, and synthetic. These materials can make you sweat excessively. And sweat, once it dries off can leave your skin with itchy rashes.

Cholestasis of Pregnancy

1 or 2 out of every 1000 pregnant women, across the world suffer from cholestasis of pregnancy. This is a sign of liver problem, that usually occurs in the third trimester, giving rise to vomiting, loss of appetite, exhaustion, even jaundice in pregnant mothers. This can also build up bile of acids in the blood, making you feel itchy2.

Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy (PUPPP)

1 out of every 150 pregnant women experience the PUPPP rashes during the third trimester. Although the real reason behind these rashes is still unknown, however it appears that, since the baby grows at a rapid pace in the third trimester, (especially in the last 5 weeks of pregnancy), your skin stretches faster than your skin cells. Adding insult to injury is the itchy Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) rashes, which take place in stretch marks surrounding the belly button3. In fact, these rashes don’t end with the belly button only. They spread from there to the thighs, arms, legs and buttocks.

Prurigo of Pregnancy

1 out of every 300 pregnant mothers, may get these rashes, anytime during the pregnancy journey. However, if you are one of them, you might see itchy, crusty bumps on your arms, legs or abdomen. And remember, they can last even after you’ve delivered your baby4.

To Conclude

Occasional mild itching is normal during pregnancy (as mentioned above). Using home remedies like using perfumes made out of herbal products, wearing cotton, taking yoghurt skin treatment, keeping your skin moisturised with olive oil or coconut oil and staying hydrated can help. However, if the itching becomes intense, during the course of pregnancy, it’s time to visit the doctor immediately.

No doubt embracing motherhood is filled with challenges, but do not let that damper your pregnancy bliss. 
Happy pregnancy to you! 😊