Improving Customer Safety with Commercial Landscaping

In this day and age of online shopping, it’s always a pleasure and a privilege when a customer pays your business a visit in person. When that happens, your customer’s engagement with your company begins the moment they arrive on the property. What first impressions will they make as they walk through the premises? Will they recall having a safe and welcoming experience? Not only is exterior grounds maintenance a critical part of branding, but it is also a practical matter of safety. These are just a few ways commercial landscaping and exterior facility solutions can improve the safety of your customers.


Hardscapes are the man-made pathways of your property, including stairs, sidewalks, ramps, and paved walkways. These areas may be disrupted by tree root growth or subjected to erosion from heavy pedestrian traffic and precipitation. The damage that accumulates over time can cause cracks, loose stones, and uneven pavement, posing potential accidents. Don’t wait until someone trips and gets hurt before getting your hardscapes appropriately maintained. Entrust the experts to handle your hardscaping in Alpharetta, prioritizing safety and preserving the beauty of your landscape.

Snow & Ice Removal

Severe precipitation like snow and ice can be especially adverse safety concerns. Aside from eroding hardscapes over time, they can cause pedestrians to slip, cars to hydroplane, and buildings to deteriorate. When you enroll proactively in commercial snow removal services for the winter season, you’ll have a trusted plan of action ready to go after every weather event. Rather than fretting about the safety of your customers and employees in snowy or icy conditions, you can sit back with some hot chocolate and let the experts promptly clear away the threat.

Drainage Systems

Drainage systems can also combat the aforementioned harmful effects of water exposure. Plus, these systems work automatically, night and day, without relying on a team of experts’ help or response time. Therefore, if your region is particularly prone to high rainfall and flooding, drainage should be at the crux of your exterior safety strategy.

Debris Removal

Debris is, in fact, a safety issue. Rotting leaves and decaying trash can be breeding grounds for pests, mold and bacteria, leading to sanitation and health concerns. Debris can also build up and clog your drainage systems, resulting in alarming levels of flooding. Though not a typically listed service, one perk of working with an expert grounds maintenance contractor is the removal of debris during any phase of their work. No matter if you’re getting the parking lot repaved, the lawn mowed, or snow removed — debris removal is part of it all. 

Exterior Lighting

Have you walked your property at most hours of the day and night and in every season? Is there adequate lighting throughout all those times? Without proper lighting, pedestrians risk tripping as they can’t see where they are going. Plus, darkness enables criminal activity to make victims of your customers and employees. The last thing you want is violence or cause for legal action at your doorstep.

Tree & Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs are quintessential components of landscaping to beautify the entire property. However, it is crucial to have them pruned regularly to remove any more tripping hazards and prevent obstruction of visibility for pedestrians, cars and security cameras. Additionally, trees should be evaluated every so often, especially after major storms, to clear up any loose branches that could fall and hurt somebody.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Last but not least, parking lot maintenance also keeps your facility safe and traffic flowing smoothly. For instance, clearly marked lines, road symbols, and signage will prevent car accidents, confusion in traffic flow, and danger to pedestrians crossing the street. Additionally, repaving and filling in potholes protects your customers’ vehicles from wear and tear.

At best, you may lose business if your location doesn’t feel accessible and warm without proper landscaping and hardscaping. At worst, you may face a lawsuit if someone were to get injured on your watch. Accordingly, it does not matter if your facility only consists of a small parking lot or just a short sidewalk with some greenery. Grounds maintenance is equally imperative for small properties as it is for larger ones when it comes to the safety and well-being of your clientele.

By Punit