Tree Removal Companies

For one reason or another, you need to have a tree removed from your property. If the tree has died, you may need to have it safely removed and disposed of. If the tree is alive, chances are you need it transplanted from its current location to a different one.

Removing trees is dangerous work with a high potential of property damage if done by the wrong company. So how can you ensure you choose the best tree removal companies in your area? Continue reading to learn how.

Length of Time in Business

While plenty of newer companies are potentially great, preference should be given to those in business for at least a decade. Tree removal companies with a decade or more in business have a proven record of quality service. Companies that offer subpar services don’t generally make it to ten years or beyond.

Certified Arborists on Staff

Some companies subcontract arborists. You want to avoid these companies. Instead, choose one that has at least one or two certified arborists as full-time staff. A tree removal company should have experts on hand any time they need them.

Minimize Potential Damage to Your Yard

If you ask a tree removal company like Schnell Tree Service LLC how they’ll minimize potential damage to your yard, there should be an immediate answer. A reliable company will have a plan in place to protect the things around the tree. They’ll understand protecting the rest of your yard (and any nearby property or fences) is also essential.

Keep in mind some damage may be unavoidable. In this scenario, the best companies will let you know how much inevitable damage you should expect. Companies who aren’t upfront about this topic will prove themselves unreliable and untrustworthy.

Licensed, Insured, and Certified

The company you choose needs to be licensed according to your state and municipality’s guidelines. These vary from one locality to the next, so it’s crucial to research proper licensure for your specific area. You should also be looking for a company with staff who have received multiple industry certifications.

You should only work with tree removal companies that hold proper insurance. At a minimum, the company should carry liability and worker’s comp insurance.

Liability insurance protects any items damaged during the tree removal. Worker’s comp protects the staff working on your property. With worker’s comp, you won’t be held liable for a worker’s medical bills should they be injured.

Overall Ratings and Reviews

A quick search online should give you several ratings and reviews of the company you hope to hire. Avoid companies with primarily negative ratings. The experience others had with the company is an excellent indicator of what you can expect in your interactions.

More Questions About Choosing Tree Removal Companies?

You can use the above information to help choose the best tree removal company in your area. Remember to compare all potential options before making a decision.

Do you have more questions about choosing tree removal companies?

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By Punit