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Healthy Snack Options for Evening Tea Time

A morning time reminds you about your upcoming tasks scheduled ahead. Afternoon is all about executing the planned tasks. Night time is all about finishing the pending household work and making plans for the next day. Evening is a beautiful transition time between the harsh light of the day and deadly darkness of night. It’s the phase to smash stress and worries of the entire day and spend time with your loved ones. It’s a wonderful time to sit, relax and enjoy tea time with our families.

Healthy Snack Options

Let’s make an evening munching healthier by picking the following snacks options:

1.  Makhanas

Derived from the Euryale ferox plant, Makhana is a savory snack. It is enriched with protein and fiber that keep you energetic and agile. It is also rich in several micronutrients including magnesium, calcium, iron and phosphorus that support bone health, reduces blood pressure and decreases cholesterol levels. A handful of makhanas everyday can bring magnificent effects on your skin. They have an abundance of antioxidants that makes you look younger and lets your skin glow.

2. Sugarless dry cakes

Not only salty, but even something from desserts goes well with tea. You can sip in your favorite masala chai or adrak chai alongwith dry cakes. There are a lot of websites which offer tea time dry cakes. So, if you are a fitness freak, then you can order sugar free cakes. A lot of websites offer sugar free cakes across India including capital cities like – Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Delhi etc. Same day sugar free cake delivery in Jaipur can also be availed. A variety of sugarless dry cakes can be purchased online from almond dry cake to walnut dry cake to chocolate marble cake. Pick the one that tempts you the most.

3.  Nuts and berries

Nuts and berries are the perfect combination of health, taste and flavor. They are a good source of vitamins, fiber and mono – unsaturated fats that help aid bone growth and improve digestive functions. Additionally, they come up with significant benefits for people dealing with problems of high blood pressure. The best thing about nuts and berries are that they are low in calories, yet keep stomach filling.

4. Diet chiwda namkeen

If your hunger pangs push you to binge into something salty and fried, then it’s time to make yourself munch on something healthy like diet chiwda namkeen.Made of puffed cereals and cornflakes, diet chiwda namkeen is an ideal snack to team up with your evening tea. It’s crisp and crunchy taste satisfies taste buds. This delicious snack is not only mouth watering, but also easy to digest.

5. Sprouts

A bowl of fresh and colorful sprouts is a hit snacking option for the tea time. Add your favorite vegetables and season it with salts and spices. Packed with vital vitamins and proteins, this dish will bring wonders for your bodily functions.

Gelling up with family members at evening tea time and talking about happy things in life is one of the best ways to bring positivity at homes. So, make it more optimistic by making it healthier and nutrient rich.