With the arrival of the summer season, bright and clear weather can be witnessed. Everybody plans to go out to enjoy the beautiful weather and do some fun activities.

With every passing day, temperature and humidity start rising. Extreme heat is draining and unfortunate for many people. If you fail to control the temperature of your body during the summer season, then the summer season can be deadly for you. You may face hyperthermia in extremely hot weather.

What Is Hyperthermia?

Hyperthermia can be described as a medical condition in which the body temperature of a person goes beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Symptoms of Hyperthermia are just like a fever.

The temperature of the body remains high and the person may also suffer body aches. Usually, hyperthermia takes place when your body absorbs more heat as compared to releasing it.

Causes Of Hyperthermia

The main cause of hyperthermia is heatstroke or drugs. Heatstroke can be divided into two categories: exertional or non-exertional.  

Exertional Heat Stroke

Exertional heat stroke happens when a person is doing strenuous physical activity like playing sports or running on an extremely hot day. Also, it can happen when you are sitting in a hot and confined area.

The heatstroke that takes place while sitting in a hot area is also considered an exertional heat stroke because your body starts working more than usual.  

If you further fail to drink the optimum amount of water, stay in the hot region for a prolonged period of time, or drink excessive alcohol, then these things may lead to Hyperthermia.

Hyperthermia can also take place when kids play outside when the sun is high or when you left your kid in a hot car.

Sometimes, the heatstroke can also take place when the temperature is relatively low (around 70 degrees). With the increase in atmospheric temperature, the risk of hyperthermia also increases. Every year, many people die due to hyperthermia.

Non-Exertional Heat Stroke

Non-exertional heat stroke is another category of heatstroke. This type of heatstroke is usually caused by certain medications. These medicines can reduce sweating, vasodilation, and various other heat loss mechanisms.

Due to these conditions, your body becomes less capable of tolerating extreme high temperatures. There are some drugs like Psychotropic drugs and illegal drugs that can also lead to hyperthermia.

Tips To Prevent Hyperthermia

It is quite easy to protect yourself from heat and avoid the situation of hyperthermia. If you want to play outside in extremely hot weather, then you should consider doing the following things:

  • Take necessary breaks frequently
  • Drink a huge volume of water.
  • You should wear cool and breathable clothes.
  • Search for a cool and shady place where you can take a rest.

If you want to spend time indoors when the temperature is rising excessively, you should consider turning air conditioning at your home. This latest technology air conditioner will help in maintaining a cool and comfortable place.

Tip to Cool Down

If the temperature starts rising high then it is very important to take a cool bath or clean your body with a sponge. In case, the temperature of a person reaches 104, immediately call for a medical emergency.

Ensure Safety Of Your Kids 

You should never leave your kids alone in the vehicle. It is so because the temperature inside the standing car rises quickly. Leaving your kid unattended in a car poses a major health risk, especially during the hot summer season. Here, we have described few tips that will help you to keep your kids safe from hyperthermia:

  • You should never leave your kids alone in the care. Not even when the window is slightly down.
  • In case you are traveling with your kid, you should place your kids near your belongings. In this way, if you try to reach your items, you will remember to grab your kid.
  • You should ensure that your kid is safe during the hot sweltering summer season. Also, you should always look out for different ways to ensure the safety of your family and kids from hyperthermia. You should stay at home and turn on ducted aircon Sydney. Also, avoid going outside when the sun is high.
  • It is advisable that you should set a reminder on your phone to drop your kid at daycare. It will help you to remember that your kid is with you on a hectic day.
  • When coming out of your car, you should carefully lock all the doors. Also, you should make sure that keys are out of reach from your kids.
  • In case, you are not able to find your kid. You should immediately check your car. There is a probability that your kid can trap inside a car.