Wedding Decor Trends

Changes has knocked on the door of weddings, inculcating new experiences and beginnings.

Furthermore, now you’ve got a chance to do a big-fat wedding on your budget. All thanks to social distancing and a limited number of guests’ rules!

However, do you want slightly different decor ideas for your BIG day? Here are the astonishing wedding decor trends that will steal the show.

1. Tents are admirable universally:

With the surge in the intimate ceremonies, wedding tents, along with twinkly lights, are becoming a unique theme. Even many wedding planners recommend beginning your new phase of life amidst nature and airy ambiance. Moving forward, such type of outdoor weddings will be on-trend, taking a step to keep guests and yourself safe. So, choose your design and let the breeze and brightness enjoy your wedding.

2. Guests seats to not gel up together:

Sounds crazy? Nowadays, mismatch trend is on the upswing – be it bridesmaid dresses, hairstyles, or makeup. Now, you can even get creative to seat your guests during your wedding ceremony. Go with mismatched tables and chairs (for four to six people). If you want a fusion wedding, then; place a cozy mattress with colorful cushions or jazzy traditional sofas that look amazing.

3. Restaurant-style vibes for entertainment purpose:

Event planners are now referring to conduct restaurant-style entertainment, which is going to trend too. It is like a comfortable yet formal atmosphere. This type of entertainment will include acoustic performances and dancing tribute. If you want to make your wedding out-of-the-box, then hire a group of professionals for performances. Along with this, serve your guests with a glass of wine to double their enjoyment.

4. Intimate affair at home:

To some, a relaxed at-home wedding might merely start to sound pretty great. A family home is best when the guest list is small. But if you have a large outdoor lounge, then; you merely need to throw cozy and plush pillows to make it magnificent. For that, you need to begin early, start doing these 5 cleaning tasks every week before a month. Incorporate greenery and other natural elements to help guests feel at home.

5. Incorporation of technology:

Technology has now also made its mark in the wedding industry. From now on wards, many couples will look up to Augmented Reality (AR) and technology for visual planning experiences. Even we’re watching a rise in Zoom weddings too. So, from trying your wedding dresses to wedding invitations to glimpses of your wedding location, everything will need the help of AR.

6. Single-tier cakes to blossom:

Not only the guest list is getting smaller, but even the wedding cakes are also growing small. You can add elements and flavors even in the single-tier cakes for your D-day; they will add a wow factor. You can either engrave your (bride and groom) initials on it or hashtags; whatever it is, you will fall head over heels with the mini-version. You can either serve at the wedding location itself or send them home for the guests to enjoy.

7. Customize your cocktails:

Are you surprised? Ask your guests to do so; it will lessen the waiting time. Besides, your guests would be excited to make themselves their favorite cocktail. For that, you need to create a ‘make for yourself drink’ stations for your guests. For the same, you can share your idea with your caterer and ask them to keep the required supplements at the counters to help guests enjoy their self-made drinks.

8. Add lots of humor:

Well, you don’t have to be a stand-up comic and spread humor all around your wedding. Everyone wants their D-day to be memorable, then why not to go for some funny wedding vows. You can even add humor by mentioning something about your sequel wedding on your social media accounts. As you can’t invite a large number of guests, you can inform them about your sequel wedding post-pandemic with slight humor.

9. Infusion of the colorful wedding:

Though white and cream look classy, couples are taking inspiration from bold colors for their wedding. We feel the fashion of the 90’s is to trend again with fresh and nature-driven palettes. I guess the color is the new white, providing classiness to the wedding. So, use bright and happy hues in your decor or in your linens like tablecloth , chair covers, and Polyester Napkins to make your day happy.

Wedding Decor Trends 2021

10. Reception tables to have sentiments:

Adding a thoughtful touch on every table for your guests like a simple thank you note will swing weddings. It suits well for intimate and personal weddings only. If your budget allows, you can even go beyond a thank you note and place picture frames of your loved ones. It will like an additional decor element with full of sentiments for your guests comfortably at the wedding reception.

11. Decode the guests’ dress code:

Say bye-bye to the black-tie! Nowadays, couples are flowing towards fun ceremonies and thus keeping themed attires for guests. Photo-shoot plays a crucial role in the wedding, and therefore couples are considering dress code as their wedding decor. During sending invitations, you can even make masks wherein you can put your hashtags or monograms. And ask your guests to wear the same at your wedding.

Final words:

When it comes to tying a knot, people are madly getting creative; however, love is blind (all say that!). So, above were some of the decor ideas that are going to trend which you can adopt. In the end, what matters is, love should win, always no matter how.

By Ariana Mortenson

I am a professional writer and blogger by profession. I write on various niches in a way that it’s understandable and appealing to the people.