Design Your Bathroom

When it comes to architecture and interior design then layout planning is the most important. Effective and efficient layout planning means balanced spaced utilization thus giving a space which is appealing as well as functional. According to best architects space planning requires lot of time and brain storming.

Plus clients are also aware of their needs as well as new trends in the market making it more essential for architects to work in the direction of proper layout planning. A lot of interest has to be shown in case of planning and designing spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. People nowadays require utmost luxury when it comes to these spaces.

As per leading and best architecture firms there are of a few mistakes that should be avoided while planning for a bathroom layout design.

1. Opening of the Bathroom Door

This is the most common mistake often made by even the best of brains in the industry.  It is totally advisable that the toilet seat should be placed behind the washroom room which means when you open the bathroom door then the toilet seat should be behind the door and not in your direct view. 

2. Limited Storage

With lot of emphasis being given to self love, beauty and healthcare it is extremely necessary to give appropriate and more than sufficient storage space in the bathroom – both over the counter as well as cabinetry. According to interior designers proper planning is required for under the counter storage, vanity cabinets, storage behind the mirror – with a combination of drawers and cupboards both. Shower area should have proper storage space for keeping toiletries.

 3. Lighting

Effective lighting is an essential consideration of bathroom layout planning or interior designing. Lighting should incorporate a mix of various lighting source – down lighters, clove lights, lights behind the mirror or vanity area along with a source for natural lighting. 

4. Utilizing Large Spaces

In case of bigger space a proper zoning of space should be done. This means creating separate shower and bath zone, vanity and toilet zone. One could have both a tub and then separate shower in a proper enclosure. Also a separate enclosed area for toilet seat can also be provided in large spaces. 

5. Planning for Accessories

Bathroom accessories cannot be an after thought. Planning has to be made for these accessories at the time of layout design. These accessories would include hand rail near the toilet seat as well as the shower, towel rails or shelves at appropriate space and height, shower panel, body jets, faucets, ceiling shower and other accessories. All the wall mounted controls like faucets and hand showers should be at an height accessible by all family members.

6. Drainage and Flooring

You cant leave your bathroom wet after using. It can be a hazardous accidental prone zone if left wet. So according to experienced architects proper drainage has to be planned at the time of bathroom architecture or interior design planning.

7. Ventilation

The bathroom is the most humid room in the house so proper ventilation becomes inevitable. Bathroom ventilation systems are designed to exhaust odors and moist air to the home’s exterior. Typical systems consist of exhaust fan unit connected to a duct that terminates at the roof. Windows are a natural source of ventilation. 

8. Wall and Floor Finishes

It is extremely necessary to have a choice of flooring which is non slippery like anti slippery tiles and marble flooring. In case of shower area a combination of tiles and pebbles – natural pebbles or pebble tiles can be used to make it more attractive. For walls there are a lot of cladding materials like wooden tiles, regular wall tiles or stone / marble wall cladding. 

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