Suitable Mattress Cover

Mattress covers, also termed mattress protectors, are fabrics designed to cover the surface of a mattress and/or mattress topper but stay under the bed sheets. They are made of a plethora of materials and feature two main designs:

  • Single-surface covers that only cover top mattress surfaces and are secured with elastic straps or edge-anchors/brackets.
  • Fitted mattress covers that enclose the entire mattress and include a zipping mechanism.

There’s a host of benefits accrued from using a reliable mattress cover. Below are the most obvious ones:

1. Maintaining a sanitary sleeping environment

Optimum bedding hygiene is one of the prerequisites for comfortable, healthy sleep. A fitting mattress protector helps a person achieve this by:

  • Preventing dust accumulation in the mattress: regardless of the cleanliness of a bedroom, the mattress is bound to take in dust particles with time, leading to respiratory complications. With a suitable mattress cover, however, one can avoid this.
  • Keeping allergens at bay: a fitting mattress protector prevents allergens like dust mites, dead skin cells, pollen from plants and fur from pets from permeating into the mattress. This way, a person can sidestep ailments including allergies, respiratory complications and skin conditions like eczema.
  • Inhibiting the growth of mildew and mold: when allowed to seep in, sweat from perspiration during sleep and accidental fluid spills, are the significant causes of mold and mildew growth in mattresses. This can cause serious allergic and respiratory reactions that can be easily and effectively avoided using a reliable mattress cover.

2. Preventing mattresses from staining

Beverage spills, moisture, sweat, dirt, water, and bodily fluids counting sweat; saliva (drool), blood and sweat amongst others are the leading causes of stains on mattresses. Such stains are incredibly stubborn, mostly impossible, to scrub off. Besides, the slightest blemish on a mattress will void its warranty. Nonetheless, a good mattress cover, particularly a waterproof type, will eliminate the risk of mattress-staining.

3. Ease of maintenance

Given the spongy nature of mattresses, most are hard to clean once stained or dirt-laden. However, when one uses a quality mattress protector, the dirt and stains only accumulate on the cover, making cleanup a breeze. This eliminates the need for regular mattress vacuuming to dislodge dust, allergens and other contaminants.

4. Lengthens the lifespan of a mattress

Continued use of a mattress leads to constant wear and frequent tear, consequently reducing its quality and shortening its lifespan. Integrating a premium mattress cover helps to add the days a person can comfortably use their mattress before replacing it by lowering the rate and frequency of wear and tear respectively.

5. Breathable mattress covers optimize comfort

While a high-quality mattress can offer high-level comfy sleep, a corresponding breathable mattress cover will doubtlessly optimize this comfort. Besides, mattress protectors hardly limit the support and comfort presented by premium mattresses as the former are mostly lightweight and lean.

6. Promotes the aesthetics of a mattress

Besides retaining the new look of a mattress despite its age, mattress covers come in different designs and colors that perk up the visual appeal of a mattress. This way, they grant the bedroom a relaxed atmosphere that’s conducive for quality, refreshing sleep.


Mattress protectors are must-have mattress accessories for persons keen to maintain a clean bed. With all their glam and clamor, however, mattress covers come in a range of makes thus may be hard to choose. Keep in mind the above pointers to help you choose the right one.

By Punit