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Siding gives a definite look to your house. It acts as like a covering that gives a unique identity to your house. There are many siding materials that you can choose for your property. It includes brick, wood, cultured stone and many more. Each material is having its own appearance and you can select one according to your preference.

If you are confused to choose one for your property, then you can contact professionals for the guidance. They will guide you properly according to your need and weather condition. Weather plays an important role in this so when selecting the siding materials keep the climatic condition of your area in consideration. Looking to get services regarding shingle siding? You can contact experienced companies to get Cape Cod shingle siding services for your property.

Following are the five types of siding material that are the best option to be used for siding:

1- Natural Stone

This siding material is having a high cost due to many reasons. It is heavier due to which the installation become difficult that increases the labor cost, as result, overall expenses are increased.

Natural stone siding is durable and the look is maintained for years, if proper installation is done. Furthermore, you can also

also choose faux stone siding, if you are having a limited budget. During the installation process, you don’t need to deal with cement mix, mortar, and netting. It can also withstand harsh weather conditions and give better R-value (The measure of resistance to heat flowing through a given thickness of a material) as compared to natural and stone panels.

2-Cultured Stone

Just like the engineered wood you can also choose cultured stone if you are eager to get the stone at a lower price tag. It is a manufactured stone veneer product that gives you the look, size, shape, and texture just like the natural stone.

It is having low weight due to which the installation process is easy.  It is easily available as compared to the quarried stone whose availability is limited to the geographical area.


Brick is one of the high price choices when it comes to house shingle siding installation. The two main reason behind the high cost is the price of labor installation and material. Most of the people prefer this due to its handmade look.

Your expenses will be increased more than 25 percent if you are going for brick siding as compared to a less-expensive option like vinyl or stucco. In addition to this, brick siding is durable. It is resistant against the rot, fire, and insects. It is lightweight and easier to handle as compared to stone. You can use it for exterior and interior applications.


It is also a costly option just like the brick. It is having 25% more cost as compared to fiber-cement and vinyl siding. In wood siding, you get seven different styles that include drop channel, lap, split logs, tongue, and groove, shake, shingle. For best installation, it is better to get in touch with experienced siding and trim contractors.

The seven commonly used wood for siding includes redwood, cypress, fir, cedar, spruce, pine, and engineered wood. Some of the great benefits to choose wood siding are that it is having impact resistant, easy to install, and it can be cut easily to fit it properly in different areas of the property.

5Engineered Wood

Wood siding as discussed above is an expensive option. But if you are looking for an option that can fit within your budget, then engineered wood is the right option you can select. This product is durable as it is made up of natural biodegradable material and provides a great finish.

The time needed for installation and the cost required is less. This is available in appropriate length. Due to this, few pieces are required to cover the house thus reducing the number of seams.

These were some of the materials types that you can choose for the siding of your house. To get the work done properly that save your time and money, it is recommended to hire an experienced roof siding company for siding services.

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