Bubble Plopper is an amazing game to play. It is full of fun and one can enjoy things here. The animation and different things used as graphics make this game even more interesting. The important part is that this can be played on mobile and laptop. It is easier to play for kids and adults. If we play on mobile, we can use our fingers and it’s the same in terms of laptops. We can draw lines with the matching bubbles.

Bubble Popper Game

What is it?

This is a bubble game wherein there are different graphics and involve few animatic things like Duck, football, tomatoes, etc. As we match the exact bubbles, they will automatically disappear creating a space for the next ones. This is a very interesting game with the object of clearing bubbles before the time runs out.

How to play

The eyes should be consequently on the goal to clear bubbles and it should be on the timeline as well. This is not the only thing, the privilege that you get is when you complete the task in a given period, you receive a good opportunity to earn coins as well. These coins come in the form of bubbles. The coins are of great use. One can use these coins to purchase the power-ups and additional themed items to pop.

Some bonus coins are also rewarded when levels are completed. Also just like any other game, one gets an option where you can click the bomb bubble if you are stuck and your surroundings will automatically get cleared. Also, there is some sort of arrow bubble which allows you to clear the entire row.


With animation, it comes with a lot of challenges and mind-making. It is not just a game but involves a lot of mental activity. If we talk about the benefits for kids, this game changes their vision and capability to look at things. This will also increase their vision to overcome the hurdle and find a way. This particular game has different benefits in terms of animations. Small kids usually learn through animation. Small animation develops the interest in kids wherein they view things even more clearly. It not only indulges them into things but they learn from it. 

Bubble Popper game is a vision that makes things interesting and worthy. It is not only related to animation but different agendas that focus on visuality and the best gaming experience. This amazing game is specially designed for kids and adults. Also, this game features different experiences like coin collection and coins using agendas. This in turn includes bomb features and various other features as well. 

The most important part of this game is the way it is designed. Usually, in other games, there are only candies or some sort of things but in this game, the animations include those things that are adored by the kids. Although people generally compare this game with different other games, obviously the features and backend of this game are well-established. This makes this game different and unique from every other game.

By Punit