Spruce the Bedroom

What do you look forward to after a long tiring and hectic day? Your home, and more precisely, your bedroom. Well, why will you not? It is the only place where you can lay down without any worries and can rest and just be yourself. It is that space of everyone’s house that has a plethora of personal memories. The place where one can have the soundest sleep and can let his feelings unfold.

Irrefutably, the bedroom is our favorite and the most comforting place in our homes to be, but don’t you think having the same kind of decor or no decor at all can make it boring and not that welcoming and unwinding. Yes?

Then why don’t you plan to revamp the look of your bedroom? Give it a royal look, buy Indian paintings to spruce your bedroom and see the positive impact in the ambiance of your room. This sort of change to such a special place of your house will make it look no less than the personal space of an emperor.

In fact, there is no denial to the fact that every time you will think of royalty, the image of Mughals and Kings of the early times will hit your mind instantly. It is so as the intricate carvings on the walls and the bejeweled Kings and Queens were no less than the embodiment of Gods and their adobe.

Hence, in this blog, we tell you a few ways to transform your normal bedroom into a royal one. Don’t worry, you would not need to exceed the budget limit you have set. Affordable art is a good option in this regard. So, take a look to know all the ways we have suggested.

1. Buy a bed with high head support and thick bed covers:

What is the thing that bedrooms are incomplete without? It is the bed. Now, because the bed is the focal point of your bedroom, it cannot be ignored at any cost. In order to make your bedroom look royal, besides buying affordable art, buying a bed that looks nothing less than something regal is inevitable. So choose a bed that is huge in size.

However, if you don’t want to buy a king size bed, buy a bed that has a high headrest in comparison to the usual ones. To make the bed look even royal, place pillows that are round and fluffed. The bed cover should also be thick. You can even add a canopy.

2. Indian traditional paintings are the best:

Indian traditional paintings have always been synonymous to royalty. It is so as these paintings have intricate patterns and also because there are many instances where the Kings have hired painters to paint their palaces and themselves with their wives. Moreover, artworks have been the first choice of every home decorator to embellish the house.

Look for various kinds of traditional paintings to find the one that resonates with your taste. If the paintings you like are pricier than what your budget would allow you to buy, then buy affordable art works or look for the prints of that particular paintings as they are more than half the price less of the price of original painting.

3. Select warm lighting:

Lighting plays a very important role in changing the mood of any room. Broadly, there are two kinds of lights, fluorescent and warm. In context of royal bedroom theme, you should use fancy lights with a warm tint. The warm color will make the environment all the more comforting for you to sleep. Just like you can get affordable art, you can get lighting at affordable rates as well. Search for the same in some thrifted store or an online store, you will get it easily.

4. Go for long curtains:

Add to the elegance and class by buying curtains that are so long that they touch the floor generously. Buy curtain of different colors or patterns that go with the look of the whole room and the existing color scheme. You should buy the curtains with low drapes, however, if they seem to be costly to you, you can drop the idea for that time. Still buy the curtains with some traditional pattern or royal fabric.

You can easily transform your bedroom into a royal one by following the aforementioned tips. Don’t give that excuse that all this won’t fit in your budget. Remember, creativity and being street smart goes a long way and is always more important than money. So, get ready to renovate the bedroom of your house with a touch of you.

Happy renovating!