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Give Your Bedroom an Update

7 Things to Change to Give Your Bedroom an Update 

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Does your bedroom feel dull and is no longer inviting? Maybe it needs a new lease of life. Since the bedroom, you spend most of your time among other rooms. You need to create a space to sleep comfortably and wake up refreshed. Therefore, to return your room to a better place to unwind and relax, ensure it makes you feel this way by updating it. Below are some things to look out for to give your room an update.

1. Furniture 

A room with dark furniture or old-fashioned furniture can feel like an expense to replace. But, with some sanding and painting. You can give it a new lease of life. Today, there are many ways to renovate furniture pieces. Also, you can replace old handles and knobs with painted ceramics, sparkling crystal, or sleek shapes. If it is a new place, consider finding mid-century modern furniture to add to your space.

2. The bed 

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The bedding you use can get tired and wear out fast, depending on the quality of linen you use. Therefore, invest in two good-quality duvet sets to use alternatively and to fit in with your color scheme of choice. Replace old pillows with plump new ones to make the bed look enticing. Get a good-quality mattress that is firm. Finally, accessorize with new throws and cushions to make the bed more inviting. 

3. Flooring

Are your floor carpets threadbare and old-fashioned? If yes, they are not a good look. To update them, check if the floorboards are suitable for sanding and painting. Opting to buy rugs is the best alternative. It is inexpensive, in comparison to completely recarpeting. You can create a coastal living style by adding a jute rug on a painted floor. Also, you can use area rugs to hide carpet stains and get a whole new look on your flooring. 

4. Décor 

When you have peeling paint or wallpaper in your bedroom, it drags the look down. This is a sign to show you should start decorating. Get a professional to give your walls a new look. Opt for neutrals or dark colors and use accessories to add a pop of color. The beauty of colors that blend with anything, when you feel the mood for a quick change, you can change it around. Add a large piece of art as a way to modernize your space. Also, you can opt to have a feature wall by using wallpaper. 

5. Windows 

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Use your windows to give light and block light when you need to sleep at night. During the day, a gloomy room deflates the spirits. To lighten things up with sheer curtains. Also, to give your bedroom an update. You can add a classic or modern new curtain pole. In this way, it improves the look of the entire room. Plus, you can start hanging the curtains higher and wide to make your window space look larger. 

6. Clutter 

If your bedroom is now a dumping ground for books, clothing, mugs, and magazines. It is a sign you need to spruce things up and create a relaxing haven that is clutter-free. So, start by decluttering to get rid of anything you find is not pleasing to the eye, you do not use, or in the bedroom it is useless. The chair always has a pile of clothes. Whether clean or not is a source of clutter. Thus, consider recovering it and adding a cushion or throw to prevent the further temptation to misuse it.

7. Lighting

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Today, there are many forms of lighting in the market you can use to brighten up a dull bedroom. There’s a range to choose from, and you can opt for a stunning feature to stand out in your room. To create an atmosphere, mood lighting using lamps is an ideal option. Feature mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of a large bedroom. Therefore, do your research on the lights that will suit your bedroom needs and the sleep habits you have. If you need a reading light, ensure you have an adjustable light to direct the light to you and away when you are not reading.