5 Important Things to Remember When Installing a Clay Roof Tile

Installing a Clay Roof Tile

In the current modern era, people pay special attentions to the designs of their roofs as they are a prominent feature of every house. An attractive roof ensures that the house looks good as well as increases its value.

These days the most popular roof designs feature the clay roof tiles. Clay roof tiles have grown in importance with the passage of time as they give a unique and innovative look to the house. They are extremely durable and light in weight which makes it a better option compared to other alternatives such as ceramic tiles. Although, clay roof tiles are a better option, they can be difficult to install on any roof even if you have hired roofing contractors residents should keep the following things in mind when installing clay tiles on their roofs.

1. Select the right slopes:

It is suggested to install clay tiles on slopes greater than 20 degrees. Increased slopes give a better grip to clay tiles as well as make it more attractive. Before starting the installation of tiles, it is necessary to level the surface with a mortar or a thinner.

2. Choose the right roofing underlay:

It is widely known that the underlay is important for the better results of any tile. The better the material used in the underlay the better the durability of the tiles. Asphalt saturated roofing material is the best option to use as an underlay as it gives greater grip and strength to the tiles. Many experts suggest using an extra layer of underlay to increase the finishing of the tiles.

3. Selecting the best clay tile:

There are various types of clay tiles available I the market, so it is always recommended to select the clay tile that suits the climate of your area. Slate, plain tiles, Pantiles, and Roman tiles are the most used clay tiles and are suitable for various weather conditions.

4. How to install clay tiles?

The method used to install the clay tiles is very important. You should start installing clay tiles from side to side. It is also important to add mortar to the initial lay tiles for better support. The nails should be driven at the bottom of the clay tile and should not be overdriven. After the first clay tile has been nailed, then other tiles should be nailed in the same pattern too as it will give an attractive look to the roof. After starting from installing the tiles at the sides, start moving towards the center which will ensure clean finishing. It is also suggested to apply more mortar at the center tiles for better grip.

5. The type of mortar to use:

The type of mortar used is very important in determining the overall quality of work. That is why a medium consistency mortar should be used as it is strong and easy to apply.