7 Greenery Wedding Tips Inspired With Eucalyptus

Greenery Wedding Ideas

Greenery is the latest theme to enhance the beauty of your wedding decor. You can try eucalyptus to add a more fresh and natural look to your wedding decor as it makes a great addition. Eucalyptus would be amazing for your spring nuptials. These beautiful leaves will look gorgeous in any wedding style and fit everywhere with any theme. You can also add white or seasonal flowers with green refreshing leaves of eucalyptus. Embellish eucalyptus with wedding bouquet, centerpieces, table runners or apply a theme to wedding cards.

The greenery with eucalyptus leaves adds gorgeous and heart-warming deep texture to your wedding ceremony. You can plan such a wedding in an outdoor area or backyard to let your guests feel the cool, fresh air and peaceful environment. We are here with some ideas to decorate your wedding venue using eucalyptus. Either spring or summer, greenery creates a mesmerizing look and adds a beautiful remark to your wedding celebration.

Greenery Wedding Ideas

1. Wedding card

Use green stationary or green colors to let your guests know about the wedding theme. Print the wedding cards with a green backdrop. Let your guest know the wedding theme.

2. Wedding aisle

Spread eucalyptus leaves on the wedding aisle runner and gives an additional touch of white flowers to make it look pleasing. You can also décor mason jars placed in a sitting area with green leaves and tie white flower with a satin lace.

3. Centerpieces

Decor the glass jars and wall ceiling lamps with eucalyptus leaves. You can use big glass jars, silver flower vases, and candle stands to use as centerpieces.

4. Wedding bouquet

Decorate wedding bouquet with eucalyptus leaves and flowers and tie beautiful wedding bouquet with white silk or satin fabric. You won’t believe how beautiful the bride may look. You can also decorate bridesmaids’ bouquet with green leaves.

5. Wedding dresses

Bride’s should choose light green, grass green, dark green or white color for their wedding dresses. Attire wedding crown with such greenery and tiny flower to add a beautiful touch to your hairstyle and bridal beauty.

6. Candle, lamp, and lantern

Illuminate the wedding venue with candles and a tiny Einstein bulb. The bright spark of light will add joy and happiness to your special day.

7. Seating arrangement and welcome entry

Decorate the entry gate with greenery, flowers, and centerpieces. Arrange cardboard and write down lovely and pleasing quotes for guests and a couple of the day. Place eucalyptus leaves and a significant number of the table, to let your guests know their seats.

You can also decor car, engagement and sweetheart table, catering place, cakes and desserts using such a theme. You and your guest will definitely have fun.