Wonderful Ideas For Decorating Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs
Decorating Easter Eggs

5 Simple Tips for Easter Eggs Decoration

Whether you are planning on inviting many guests to Easter dinner or expecting to spend this Sunday in your family circle, surprise them with some cheerful and bright Easter decorations. Easter is a great spring holiday that wouldn’t be complete without painted eggs. Just go ahead and check out these unusual ideas of decorating Easter eggs. If you have kids, they surely will be very glad to help you with this interesting and exciting task!

Get Ready for Easter!


1. Ombre Eggs

it’s pretty easy to give your eggs this fancy effect in just a few minutes without wasting your time. You will need only eggs and spray paint, nothing more! First of all, hard-boil eggs and place them to the original carton package, the larger end should be facing up. Take spray paint and cover the eggs lightly. Be careful and don’t spray too much, because you may ruin the effect with excess paint. You can mix colors and create new shades, it’s so exciting!

2. Watercolor Eggs

all you need just watercolor paints. Of course, don’t forget about your vivid imagination and fantasy! Make your own design of abstract flowers or geometrical patterns. Your kids may like cartoon heroes’ portraits. Once the paint is dried, you may outline the contours with thin permanent markers. Feel yourself like an artist and create your own masterpiece. Let it dry and voilà!

3. Fruit Eggs

be a magician and turn your Easter eggs into yummy fruits. Instead of the magic stick, you will need colorful acrylic paint, green cardstock for leaves, glue, and a thin black marker. First of all, paint the hard-boiled egg to match the fruit’s color (orange, lemon, apple, etc.), and create leaves or stems. Then carefully glue details to the egg and add some accents with black marker (seeds, dots, etc.). Your fruit garden is ready to meet Easter!

4. Emoji Eggs

express your emotions with Easter eggs! You will need yellow paint and stickers. Hard-boil eggs and paint them in yellow color. Then cut stickers and create various emotions (face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye, smiling face with sunglasses, smiling face with heart-shaped eyes, etc.). Surprise your guests with super-cute smiling Easter eggs and give them positive emotions!

5. Black and White Eggs

if you’re a fan of modern black and white geometric design, why not create unique eggs to match your style? It’s quite easy and fast, you will need only a pencil and a black marker. Of course, don’t forget about your inspiration! First of all, hollow out uncooked eggs using a pushpin. Then sketch the pattern with a pencil and fill in with the black permanent marker. This kind of decoration requires a lot of patience and accuracy.

We hope our ideas were helpful to you. Create your own designs and prepare to celebrate Easter with your friends and family. Eggs are the symbol of the springtime holiday, so decorate them with love and care, and may your Easter be full of happiness and joy!