There is something sweeter than celebrating your wedding with your love, family, and loved ones. It’s a great idea to add a cookie and milk bar or a dessert bar at your wedding food station. Cookies and desserts add sugary and chocolaty memories and leave the footprints in the heart of your guests and they will remember your wedding for years.

Cookies, desserts, and milk are a hot wedding trend. It can be a delicious dessert with budget-friendly expenses that don’t cost your pocket much. Can you also use a bunch of homemade cookies? Oh! My mouth has started watering, cookies with chocolate. Strawberries, nuts, cherries, cranberries, cheese, butter, and various delicious fillings and toppings will turn your guest fallen in love with the cookie style bar. These are suitable for any type of wedding either it is outdoor or barnyard doesn’t matter but especially suits the brunch and rustic wedding type.

You can serve the cookies and biscuits with chocolate milk, muffins, fudges, and pies. You can also offer cake but it is not mandatory, offering creativity and taste is always welcome. Here are some ideas you can inspire from:

1. The milk and cookie table

milk and cookie table

When you serve a variety of cookies on the table try to serve different flavors with it too. Chilled milk with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavored milk with ice jars will enhance the taste as well as the appearance of the bar. The table may get bonus points if it is served with any of the cocktails. How great can it look?

2. The cupcakes and brownie bar

Decorate the table with cupcakes and brownies. Serve them in wooden trays and cake stands and garnish the cupcakes with different delicious toppings you may want to it. These mini desserts can be crowd-pleasing. Since, in addition to the cake, you can offer a variety of flavors.

3. The pies and apple pies and more

pies and apple pies

Pies has taken the place in the list of wedding’s modern trends. But with only usual pie, your table will not seem so delicious add some crunch of different flavors of pies like apple, salted apple, apple cedar, apple caramel, honey, pineapple, etc. or add a variety of cookies with gems and marsh mellows.

4. The cookie table with tea

You can serve the homemade cookies garnished with the toppings of chocolate chips, vanilla chips, hazel, and nuts dipped in hot chocolate milk and allocate a tiny space for the tea cattle and its flavors.

You can grab multiple inspirations to decor the food area with a cookie and milk bar. It will fill the soul of your guests with a light and delicious flavors.

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By Punit