Being in a body that you cannot relate to is probably the most difficult thing that Karen ever did! She was a guy before the transformation named David and life wasn’t really kind to him back then. While he was always depressed for living up to the standards of the society that it creates for men, he used to get tired and his heart would break every time.

He considered having surgeries and hormone therapy to become Karen from David. But things never added up. And finally, he found a solution. He found a spell caster, guided by an ancient genie who introduced real magic spells to him. This spell caster listened to his story and decided to take control over his fate so that from an unhappy David he could become a happy Karen with the help of gender transformation magic. If she can become what she wanted to be always, so can you. Why Karen choose magic over surgery? Take a look to know more.

gender transformation

Surgery is Invasive and Magic Is Not

This is not a secret that when you are trying to change your gender, the surgeries are really invasive. Your body has to be immune and strong enough to take the blows of it. It is normal for anyone to be scared. Karen was scared too. She was alone in this quest and she was scared to go through the struggle the surgeries would mean for her. But when she got to know about the transformation spell, she was at peace. Magic was working from her within. When the spell was cast, Karen could feel that the changes were coming from her inside. Her voice and physical attributes started changing. The change was so natural and gradual that it didn’t feel like a struggle for her. She did not need any time for recovery and there were no scarring either on her body.

Surgery and Therapies were More Expensive than Magic

The expenses of the surgery were an issue for Karen too. David had a job. But if the surgery would have happened, they would have been jobless for the recovery process. Also, as these surgeries are not a lifesaver, the medical insurance would not have covered all of it. That is why Karen chose magic. It was less expensive. If you want to become who you actually are and yet you cannot do it when the worry of money and expenses is crippling your mind, real magic spells should be your option. You can easily find your true identity without the worry of getting bankrupt. She only had to buy the spell and connect with the spell caster. And it did not burn a huge hole in her pocket either.

gender transformation

Change at Your Own Pace

As Karen recalls now, when she researched about the treatment and therapy, she found out that the process will be fast and the changes abrupt. People around her or she won’t get the chance to accept this gradually. This one fact made her really worried to go through this whole procedure. But when she found gender swap spell, she got to know that the changes can happen exactly how she wanted. The spell caster will cast the spell and the process will begin. But as the changes will be gradual, you and the people around you will get more time to wrap their heads around. So, when Karen became who she always wanted to be, the gradual changes in her helped the people around her to digest it all gradually.

Not Irreversible

Science doesn’t let you reverse what you do to your body. So, Karen chose magic. She felt that the door of change should remain open. When she feels and if at some point, she changes her mind and wants to go back to the life of being David, she can. She wanted to keep the way back open for herself. When you are choosing magic for changing gender, you can do it. This is a reversible spell that can be reversed at any point in time.

So, just like Karen, you can choose a gender change spell too instead of surgery and therapy. It will surely help you become who you are without the threats of invasive and expensive procedures done on your body.