Change AirDrop Name On iPhone And Mac

Are you looking at how to change your airdrop name most easily? In this article, we provide you with some guides to help you. It becomes easy to perform the task alone when you know how to change the name. Continue reading below for more information on how to change your name for the Airdrop.

The easier way to change Airdrop name on iPhone, and mac 

The Airdrop has features on the iPhone and is usable on Bluetooth technology and moves them to another device with similar characteristics. The relocating of device names has its name for more accessible work for you. The instructions provided here are clear and straightforward to understand. To change the representation, you can change your Airdrop name to become more accessible for others and make work easier to identify other devices. 

What is Airdrop?

This is the name launched by apple in 2011 as an app modified to share your files with other people through your email or use different devices. This app is available on Mac and iPhones devices. You can take advantage of this app to make your work faster and easy to communicate with others digitally. If you want to change your name from this device, check it all here. The device enables you to set as you wish when using your iPhone. 

How to change Airdrop name to iPhone 

Suppose you have an iPhone; change the Airdrop name to read those steps to guide you. When giving the name, ensure that it is unique to avoid sending the wrong details.

  • The first thing is to open your device and go to the settings 
  • Search for general and extend the available one
  • The following stuff go to about
  • After clicking about, you will see the name of your device 
  • Now it becomes easy to change the word according to your preference as indicated in your device name and change to what you want it to appear.
  • After writing the name, click on done to complete the process.

Changing of Airdrop name on mac

You can change the name using the most straightforward process on your preferred system. Follow each of the steps when changing the name to get it.

  • Select the apple icon on the top of the bar menu; you will see the system preferred below the drop-down menu.
  • Now on the system screen, click on the Share tab
  • Next is to delete your current name and write what you prefer to change. 

How to change Airdrop name using iPod

If you have the type of iPod and are looking for ways to change the name, check out those steps guide.

  • Connect iPod device with computer 
  • Once done, launch iTunes on the device
  • The next step is to search for iPod and open
  • On the top of your screen’s left sidebar, you will see a pop-up of your name and click.
  • You can write a new name according to what you want it to look like, and the Airdrop name will change automatically.
  • The software you use varies, and you will need to check.

Frequent Asked Questions

How to use Airdrop?

When using an Apple device, you can find out some of the information on the open wifi when you connect to the control center and share. When you open the device and click on the control, you should see those names.

Can I Airdrop from Mac to iPhone?

Yes, if you want to do so, you only need to make your device discoverable from the nearest person on your phone when you click allow and permit it to access through your phone. 

How does Airdrop work on mac devices?

The features of Airdrop allow you to transfer and share some of the files document to the receiver in the fastest way possible. 


The above information will help you change the name easily from Airdrop after reading all the steps and applying. You can have saved your details on the device for memorization. After reading this article helps you understand each step you are supposed to take when changing the name. The above post provides you with information on how to change your iPhone name for Airdrop.

By Punit