If you are into professional photography, then you must have heard about the platform called ClickASnap.com. It’s the top-rated photo-sharing platform designed for both amateurs and professional photographers.

Photographers can utilize this platform to create a professional portfolio as well as earn some extra income from the same platform by uploading their unique photos. ClickASnap.com Reviews will give you in-depth information about the platform and how the platform works for you! 

ClickASnap.com Review

What is ClickASnap.com? 

As mentioned above, ClickASnap is an online photo-sharing platform. The platform aims to provide earning opportunities to amateur photographers. Like any other photo-sharing platform, Clickasnap helps you earn some money by uploading your photos on the platform. We will read about many click a snap review.

The platform offers multiple ways to earn money that we will discuss later in this article. Let’s see how you can start earning money on ClickASnap. 

How Do I Start Earning Money on ClickASnap? 

ClickASnap platform is designed for everyone willing to add some bucks to their pocket. Whether you are a professional photographer or just a hobbyist photographer, you can start earning money from this platform by uploading your high-quality photos. 

One can create a free account on ClickASnap.com. You don’t need to buy a subscription or pay an upfront amount to create an account. Just head over to their official website and click the Signup button to create your free account. The free account has some limitations; however, it is a good option for you to explore its features and functions. 

ClickASnap allows you to earn money by uploading your photos and by selling digital copies of the high-quality photos uploaded to your profile. When you upload unique and high-quality photos on your profile and someone views it, your account will be credited with .40¢. The minimum payout is $15. When your account reaches $15, you can claim for a transfer of the earned money to your bank account. 

The payment structure here is quite simple. For every photo view, you will get .40¢ and when your account gets $15 of credit through photo-views, you can go to your account and claim for a quick transfer. 

Why ClickASnap?

ClickASnap is the top-rated and most genuine photo-sharing platform. The UK-based company is known for its quick pay feature. When you claim for a transfer of your money, the platform transfers the earned money within 24 hours to your bank account. 

Moreover, there are multiple ways with which one can start earning money on the platform. Let’s check out some key features of this platform. 

Key Features: 


The platform serves an intuitive user interface where no specific skills are required. Anyone can easily get started with the platform and earn money through it by uploading or selling photos. Once you visit the website, you can sign up for a new account by clicking on the Signup button. The platform lets you create a new account using Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail or you can create a new account by filling in the registration form. 

ClickASnap.com Review

Quick Upload 

Users can upload their photos quickly by selecting the upload option. Just click the upload button and a new Window will be presented on the screen. Users can either browse the photos or can drag the photos from the Desktop to the Window. 

ClickASnap.com Review

Earn Money 

Earn money by uploading unique photos on your profile. When someone views your photos, for every view of your photo, you will get .40¢. Besides this, users can also opt for a pro-sellers account where they can start selling digital copies of their photos on the platform. 

Dedicated Forum 

ClickASnap.com Review

clickasnap reviews has a community of professional photographers who share their knowledge with newbies. The experts are always there to resolve the queries asked by the newbies. Once you create an account, you can start utilizing this section to improve your skills. 

FAQ Section 

FAQ section is there to help you to know more about the platform. You will get the right information and solutions to your queries by exploring this section. 

Is ClickASnap.com legal? 

Yes, clickasnap.com is the most genuine platform. The platform is created for photographers who struggle to earn money. They can create their professional portfolio as well as sell out their work on the same platform.

It’s an ideal platform for amateur photographers who can build their careers out of it. Users can upload their photos to start earning money. They can even increase the number of views on their photos by promoting them on various social networks. The opportunities here are endless! 

By Punit