How To Activate On Samsung Smart TV 

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Activate On Samsung Smart TV 


Samsung itself is a very good brand that offers a variety of devices and gadgets to make everyday life easy and fun. If we talk about Samsung TVs they are very adaptable and offer very good screen qualities. This electronic brand is widely used by the country’s people. It has a huge fan base because of the quality it provides. It is a trusted brand that is also very popular among all.

Samsung TVs-

Samsung smart TV is a television that has an internet connection facility. It is quite different from normal TVs because smart TV offers a variety of features that are not available in normal TV. Such as you can access streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc with them you can watch your favorite movies and much more.

If you talk about YouTube on Samsung smart TV then it is very simple and basic to use. It has a feature to use the app YouTube. YouTube is already known by all of us, imagine watching all that on a big screen like Samsung smart TVs (it even makes me excited brackets). In some TVS YouTube is there as an application but some models of Samsung TVs don’t have the app YouTube application. So far all those models can not perform the activation of YouTube, So, there you can use the website that is


In this article we would be sharing the steps, by following them, you can activate on your Samsung smart TV. If you are searching for how to connect to YouTube on Samsung TV or how to get YouTube on Samsung TV if the application is not available, you are on the right website. Read the stuff that you might find useful. So these are a few steps, they are not difficult so let’s get started.

Steps to follow-

  1. So first of all things, switch on your Samsung tv.
  2. After that you need to press the ‘smart hub’ button that is available on your Samsung smart TV.
  3. Once you do that, you need to go to the ‘sign in and setting’ option.
  4. Select the sign-in option.
  5. After signing in you will receive the code, you need to note down.
  6. After that, now go to the website ‘’ from your phone or laptop, whatever suits you.
  7. Next, you need to sign in with all your account credentials (I hope you remember them but in case you don’t remember them then the process is very simple you just have to type your number and you will be getting an OTP so it’s the same). 
  8. When you are done with signing in you need to enter the code that you noted down (step 5). Now on your device.
  9. Lastly, click on the ‘allow access’ option on your device.
  10. you are now all set up to use the ‘’ on a Samsung smart TV. Have fun. 
Activate On Samsung Smart TV 

How to play YouTube on Samsung TV- 

Playing YouTube videos is not at all difficult. First of all, you just need to open the YouTube app or go to the website. After that, you need to select the search option. After that, you need to type whatever you want to play. You will be seeing all the related videos (according to your search). And then enjoy your watch time.

All the features that YouTube provides and all the entertainment that we get from YouTube are in comparison to any other. All the steps are not at all difficult. Samsung smart TV offer a sub-variety of features such as brightening of the skin and much more.

While following the simple steps you can easily connect with YouTube. YouTube is a fun application that can consume or kill the boredom that you might feel. When we think about watching YouTube videos on such a big screen it automatically excites anyone. I hope you enjoy it the most and have a great amount of fun.