Top 10 Best Apps To Hide Photos And Videos On Android

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Apps To Hide Photos And Videos On Android

Privacy, nowadays, is a very big concern. We are very particular and concerned about that. Nobody wants secrets to leak. We all want a private life. Remember the look on our faces when we give our phone to someone just to show a particular picture and later they start scrolling? It’s an intrusion in a private space. We have our own lives and we are not under anyone else.

People want to keep our cards to ourselves only but because of smartphones, our personal life is wound up now. We capture all the memories by recording a video or clicking a picture. We surely want some privacy but sometimes it is not possible for us to sit down and talk.

But if you are an Android user you don’t have to worry about all that privacy. Because there are several apps that are amazing and used as well as developed to hide photos and videos on Android. 

In this article, we would be discussing 10 great apps to hide your photos and videos on Android. Don’t you worry, we are here for you. These apps will help you in keeping your data private. Even if people use your phone still they won’t be able to access your data if you have apps that are below mentioned. So let us get started with them.

1. Google Photos (Locked folder) 

 It is not a third-party app. There are several third-party apps that are there to protect your photos and videos on Android that you can use. But no one can use the Google Photos app. It is a very secure space and one of the best ways to protect your private photos and videos on Android devices. It now has various features, which are very useful. Google Photos as the name suggests locks virtually your photos that you have kept in a folder. It is a safeguard for your private images. So if you want to hide any photos or videos then you should definitely try this app.

So how this works is that you just have to select the photos that you want to protect at all costs. Once you know how to do that you can then hide the data that you wanted to. After that when you are done hiding them, they are automatically removed from the regular photos that contain all the other photos. You don’t have to do manual labor in this app. It allows you to set a password and all the photos will be password protected. You have to first unlock that through the passport.

It is to give an extra layer of protection; moreover, Google Photos does not back up any of those private photos that your device saves in the lock folder. And in order to have more security it won’t allow anyone to take a screenshot. So you should definitely give this a try.

2. KeepSafe Photo Vault

Want to hide your photos and videos on an Android phone then keepsafe photo vault that is best for you. It’s not a new app and has been long since the launch. It is one of the best apps for safeguarding your photos and videos. KeepSafe has been updated over the years. It is a very easy-to-use and a very simple app. It provides you with many features and because of them you can keep your photos and videos safe. This is an application and it is available on both Android as well as iOS. For any of your sensitive media, this app allows you to keep them safe.

It allows password protection and an encrypted vault. So your media is safe from any unauthorized access. This application allows you to import your files from the gallery to this app and keeps it safe because it is encrypted. So your files are saved inside the app. It allows an extra layer of protection that is a password or pin code. So in order to access the files that are stored in this app you need to type an app password for a pin code only then you will be able to access the media. This app also allows you biometric protection such as fingerprint or face lock etc.

Categorize and manage

It also allows you to categorize and manage your files within the app. You can arrange the file or the media by the name on the date and much more. The important feature that this application provides is a private cloud. In that, you can back up any of your data so in case you lose your phone or anything happens you can still have all the photos and media that you have stored in the application. The application also provides a break-in alert feature.

In the feature, you will be notified by the photo of the user who is trying to access your media. So if anyone tries to get into your photos or media in the application you will be seeing the face of that unauthorised user. Also allows you fake login pins and even you can disguise this app via a secret door in a different front-end. It is a great app for keeping your media safe

3. 1Gallery

1Gallery very important and very easy app to manage your photos and your videos on your Android. It has a very simple motive which is keeping your data safe. It has an iron-clad fault. Because of this, you have a very strong inscription related to your photos and videos and you can hide them. Many other apps are doing the same but what is different with this app is that no one will be able to find the media files if you hide them. It offers a variety of features and three password modes as well.

It has a very user-friendly interface. And, it also looks beautiful and is amazingly designed. It has dark mode and moreover supports various file formats that makes it easy to use. People can upload files in different formats that’s why it is less complicated.

Photo Editing

Moreover, It can be used as an app for photo editing. It has an encrypted vault and it is designed beautifully. It offers a secure environment for your photos and videos. Also features where you can manage your photos and videos in a more clean way are also provided by the app. You don’t have to do the manual work in this app.

It automatically arranges your media as per date time size etc. It has a feature of password, PIN code, face lock, etc. Because of these modes of protection your data is safe and only authorized users can access the data. The hidden Walt feature is also amazing where you can keep your photos and videos hidden from all the other media and anyone else. It also allows you a secured deletion of files, so if you delete any file it deletes the file from the internal storage as well that’s why it becomes very difficult for any unauthorized user to recover the file.

4. Lockmy Pix- 

As the name suggests it locks your pictures so that they can be protected and so is your privacy. Your media is safe from all the intrusion, with this app. It has an advanced encryption standard which is the short form of AES inscription. It is backed up by AES and allows users to access various features like hiding photos with a PIN or you can also use a pattern system. With the pin, you can set the number as a security or protection that you need to type, and with a pattern you can draw any pattern in order to add an extra layer of protection.

It has a user-friendly interface. You can encrypt your media (your photos and videos) directly from the app’s home screen; it enables users to express that. Moreover not just the existing media, your just clicked pictures as well, you can add that to the vault without any delay. It has another interesting feature which is with a shake you can lock the vault and from the app drawer, you can also hide the lockMy pixs application. Moreover, if the application is locked it doesn’t allow you to take screenshots.

That means no one can access your files. It provides another layer of protection by setting up fake login credentials (also available) which can be given to one of those who are pressuring you to unlock the application. You can see it is a great app for hiding your media files.

5. Hide Pictures And Videos- Vaulty

Another app with similar feature is vaulty. It is well known as well as a very reliable app in terms of hiding a photo or a video. It works amazingly as it is an old app but the features are not so old. They are up to the mark. You just have to download it and after that you have to open the app and later on, select the images that you want to hide from your gallery.

All the selected media files will hide from your gallery. It offers protection with passwords. Any intruder has to have known the password in order to see the photos and videos on this app. The most interesting thing about this app is it captures ‘mugshots’, which means if anyone try to login the app without knowing the password or they fail to login then i will capture them. Therefore it will instantly let you know who is trying to interview in your personally what where private media files hide. And most importantly it is a free-to-use feature that makes, this app more exciting and convenient.

This app also create multiple vaults that are separate and therefore we can set different passwords for different vaults. This also provides another layer of protection. This application also has the option to back up your data to the cloud.  Moreover, you can also remove ads from vaulty application. You have to take the subscription if you want all these features. It is a great app to hide your photos and videos in android.

Apps To Hide Photos And Videos On Android

6. Hide Something- 

As the name suggests HIDE something is an application to hide your something that is your photos and videos. It has over 5 million users and it is widely popular, because of its features as well as simplicity. This is a trouble-free app that can hide your photos and videos from the main focus on your Android. It offers various layers of protection with various options.

You can add a password and protect your private photos and videos or you can protect your media by adding a pin or you can use a fingerprint as well for the same purpose. So all these options are available so you don’t have to worry. There is a feature ‘invisible folder’ in which you can transfer your photos and videos. It is not a difficult process to add photos in this application, it is very similar to showing any of your files with the application features doesn’t stop here.

You can also camouflage the app if you want to hide it. Moreover, it has collections of themes that are really beautiful or it supports multiple media files. This app also has fake login which makes an extra which means an extra layer of protection. Moreover, to make your feed more protected, in the ‘recently used’ list, the application doesn’t show up because then the intruder will not know that something is hidden. So I think it is a very smart app.

The most interesting feature is that you can upload your private files, photos, and videos to Google Drive, and apart from that you can also browse your files with the desktop browser. This makes it very convenient to use. So give it a try. 

7. Sgallery-

It is a very powerful and strong app for hiding your images and videos, I must say. You should definitely check this application. This app offers an ‘AES-encrypted algorithm’ that encrypts the files that you have kept in the application. It saves your media files from intruders. It offers a variety of features like ‘shake to close’, in which if you can not get enough time to close the app you can just shake and it will automatically close.

This also offers password protection and fingerprint unlock and much more, in which you just have to use the sensor to unlock the app. Other features like fake passwords are also provided by the application. Moreover, a time PIN is there as well, which is up to the protection. Apart from all the features of the premium version that you have to purchase, you can customize your wallpaper.

This is not available in the free version but the most interesting feature is that the application can also hide or disguise as calculated or a converter. With this, no one will get to know that there is an app for hiding purposes. In addition to all that, this app also takes care of the users. Therefore, in case you forget the password that you have set you will be have a recovery question that you have set earlier. With all such features, we can say that this app definitely comes in the list of top 10 apps to hide media files.

8. Hide Files- Andrognito 

Andrognito is an abbreviation for two different words which are Android and incognito. This is one of the best apps for the security of your private photos and videos. The high protection is by this app because it has ‘military grade AES encryption’ which means your private files and media are safe of at all costs.

You can also store your files in the cloud which can free up your face on your device. In just a single vault you can hide apps. You can also purchase the pro version of this app that allows multiple private vaults that you can create. With the pro version, you can also access your created vault as well which can be on different and multiple devices. The pro version will remove the ads that come in the free version of this app.

Various features are there such as fake force close, invisible icons as well as customization of themes. All these features are available in the pro version but it is a very simple app that is user friendly and attracts most of the users. It is a very safe app and you should definitely give it to try.

9. PhotoGuard- 

As the name suggests, guard your photos and other media files, a photo guard is there for you. It is another app for hiding your photos and videos on your Android devices. It forces ‘AES encryption’ which means your private files are extremely safe and no intruder can get access to open the vault without the correct data.

This encryption ensures that your files are always protected. Moreover, like most of the apps, it offers protection through various options such as you can keep a pattern or protection or set up a password or a PIN or even a fingerprint, therefore you have a layer of protection at your convenience. It offers a variety of features like cloud backups in which you can easily backup your data and you don’t have to fear the loss of your data. The encryption is always on and therefore your files are always protected.

Moreover, like most of the apps, it is for office protection through various options such as you can keep a pattern as protection of setting a password or opening or even a fingerprint at your convenience. It just doesn’t offer one layer. You can also set up passwords for the followers that are inside the world which serves as an additional layer of protection. Moreover, it offers a ‘break in alert’ feature in which a photoguard takes a picture of unauthorized users.

This app supports a variety of file formats for the viewing purpose as well. you can click the photos inside the app and they will automatically stay inside the wall. And another gallery will not be able to access that. It is simple but a very good feature with applications. You should definitely give it a try. 

10. Pinbox-

It is another app for hiding your photos and videos on your Android devices. It is a very useful app that allows you to keep your media files private and personal and safe as well, from intruders and nosey people. all you have to do is simply download the app, after that, select the files from the gallery that you want to hide, and then save all of them in the application.

This app offers a variety of layers of security such as passwords or you can also just use a fingerprint as well, as a PIN in order to hide your photos and videos. Moreover, it supports a break-in-alert in which the user will be able to see if anyone tries to access or interview inside or hidden location and therefore without the authority or consent.

It has ‘AES ALGORITHM’ which means it offers a highly secure environment for the private media. All your hidden photos and videos encrypt and therefore are safe.


To conclude these were the 10 best apps to save and Hide your private photos and videos. Apart from them, there are plenty of other apps that work similarly. These apps offer various features. Photos and indeed our personal property and we cannot stand if anyone intervenes in your private space or any viewing in our personal space.

We got out the information that we hope you will find useful, therefore save your private life privately with all the above-mentioned apps. Do let us know which of the above-mentioned apps you are planning to use.  Do comment down below, which of them excited you the most, and do let us know. Don’t forget to check out the other articles that serve as life saviors.