Write a Perfect Google ads Copy

Writing an effective ad copy on google isn’t hard, but to do it perfectly is quite tough. If you’re thinking of growing your online business, what thing do you require the most? traffic, right? The quickest way to get more traffic is advertising, for most of the businesses. Digital advertising plays a lead role in getting more traffic. If you’re new to Google Ads you can use this guide.

The perfect performing google ads copy is always developed with some fundamental classic advertising and marketing principles in mind. A small change in ad response rates can get massive improvements in profitability. Writing a google ads copy can be frustrating because of the tiny space in which you’ve to fit all your ads copy. When your writing Google Ads copy always keep in mind it will ultimately lead to sales. So in this post, we’ll share some effective tips to write a perfect google ads copy, let’s have a look at them:

1. Leverage your keywords

One of the best practices of ad copyrighting is to include the keywords in google ads copy to make the searcher’s query easy to find. Adding keywords to ad copy is a great way, but make sure you’re using those keywords well. Keywords play a great role in ads.

2. Must include a call to action

For what we’re running ads?? of course, just because we want the visitors to take any action on your ads. A call to action will help you to frame the experience of the visitors. Once the visitor has their expectations set with your ad copy, they will click through to a landing page that will mirror that same call to action in the ad copy.

3. Keep short and valuable

As, you have to explain your product or service to visitors, remember they’re not going to read long speeches. You need to keep them short and valuable when it comes to google ads. You should get some points that should be in a concise, clear manner. tell them the benefits and what they get out of it.

4. Use understanding language

Copy-writing is not poetry, so cut the verbosity. You should write a google ads copy that’s written in simple language which will be easy to understand for everyone. People should immediately know what you’re offering, benefits of it, how to get it, and a more important one when they see your ads. Just keep it short and simple that most people love.

5. Use ad extensions

Ad extensions are a great way to make your ads more attractive. They’re additional text areas that can extend the ad size. There are many ad extensions available for different kinds of uses, to choose from. Each extension has its unique use and purpose. Use the ad extensions to write an effective and perfect google ads copy.

6. Test your words

If you run tests, you can improve your google ad copy. must test your ad copy after writing it. Always try to run two different ads, each with a different copy but with the same image, it will help you to know which one resonates more with your visitors. Which one gets the most likes and conversion.

By Punit