ferarri 488 pista

Companies in the development of performance sports cars are attempting to display the potential of their products and provide vehicles that are drawing the line between track cars and street cars. Vehicles such are Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, and Ferrari that track-ready, are now street-legal to enable drivers who want to unleash their European beast for a few laps around Willow or Thermal Springs or simply want to create this impression in people’s minds.

The advent of the new 488 Pista where “Pista” implies “track” in Italian has enabled Ferarri to even further reduce the space, integrating huge track technology in a developed streetcar as the company intends to offer a race-like experience to amateur drivers.

The “Pista” is a substitute for the Ferrari’s 458 Speciale, equipped with the most efficient V8 engine ever on a broad car and developed with the most sophisticated track technology ever integrated into a street vehicle.

The vehicle was able to reach about 711 HP and 568-pound feet of torque through its explosive 3.9 liters, dual turbocharged motor that is equipped within a tiny body, and upgraded chassis and produces a very limited power to weight ratio ever sold to the public by Ferrari.

The outcome

The 488 Pista accelerates to about 62 mph in just 2.85 sec and speeds to 124 mph in 7.6 sec. The maximum speed is rated at 211 mph.

This is extremely fast for a racetrack. This performance statistic was achieved by Ferrari as a result of the weight reduction and increased aerodynamics duplicated from Ferrari’s Challenge GTE, FXX-K, and F1 race cars.

There is a complete reduction of 198 pounds than its predecessor. The Pista is equipped with carbon fiber as well as many other light materials alongside an improved driving system through modified aerodynamics. Ferrari claims to offer its owners a race-like experience, instantaneous braking system, and reliability whenever they attain the limit.

Speed limit

During my experience with the Pista, approaching the speed limit or close in on any hot laps was impossible, however, I was still able to take it for a spin around a few of the local major and canyon roads and I must confess, driving this car was exhilarating. Ferrari tried to combine several raw powers alongside technological improvements which offered a remarkable experience.

The breathtaking speed of the Pista did not affect its smooth acceleration associated with seamless gear-climbing without any noticeable lag in turbo.

Irrespective of its horsepower, the car appears to be self-driving. With intuitive handling and steering and a surgical braking system. The low-level Ferrari appeared glued to the ground.

The Pista, among the line of Ferrars, is an amazing car by my standards even though others are also beautiful. Its sensual line displays power and poise. Ìt appears very fast, even while standing.

The sound from the Pista is also beautiful just like the others, releasing a gravelly grumble tune with a titanium exhaust just like the model I drove.

Race like experience

It offered a race like experience when driving or even stuck in traffic (Specifically, the modes of driving available are “sport”, “wet” and “race”. The “standard” or “normal” is not available here). The clean but very comfortable cockpit comes with slightly flexible race seats and steering wheel integrated with paddle shifters extracted from the 488 Challenge track car made by Ferrari.

I experienced the black alternative Alcantara upholstery on the inside, from the wall trim, seat trim, and center console. The smooth dash has a black and red accent that comes with very little distraction. This six-point beauty is a racer-easy alternative.

Even though an improved sound system installed in the middle, the required music was pouring from the exhaust pipes. I never tried out the cruise-control system that appears like an exquisite decoration in the car.

It has a high priced speed, is very light, quick, and extremely expensive. Several millions of dollars spent by the Ferrari’s race car division upgrading it to a successful racing car. This implies that the cost of a legitimate streetcar is also on the high side.

Starting price

The starting price is about $350,050. The series I drove improved with a more track-ready option. Especially just like the part of carbon fiber that can act as a replacement for very heavy materials. This Pista equipped with about $50,000 worth of carbon fiber. It is made from the engine cover to the rear diffuser. This inflated the model’s price to $445,437 which also include charges for delivery as well as the $1,000 tax for gas-guzzler invoked by the government to few performance cars.

Prospective buyers can be more interested in the zero to 60 statistics than the MSRP figures. Ferrari indicated that 75% of Pista owners have a Ferrari already. While the remaining 25% of these buyers own a V8 performance vehicle and 60% of them take part in track events. These customers are fully aware that owning a fast-moving car is very expensive.

2019 was great for Ferrari. The company enjoyed a 10% increase in worldwide revenue. It triggered by a 15% increase in revenue from the car and part sales. However, there is a 3% drop in unit sales in the North and South American markets. Here one-third of the entire Ferrari sales come from.

This might be reversed by the 488 Pista. This is a remarkable California car having racetracks in Buttonwillow, Willow Springs, Thermal, and Fontana that are only a range of three hours. An excellent car for LA.

Ferrari 488 Pista

This is the most efficient V8 Ferrari’s most powerful V8 road car

  • Pros: A remarkable engine coupled with advanced electronics.
  • Cons: A very expensive model.
  • Vehicle type: Features two-door, two-passenger sports car
  • Regular price: $350,050
  • Tested Price: $455,437
  • Drive unit: 3.9-liter with a twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine.
  • Transmission: Seven-speed automatic dual-clutch.
  • Horsepower: 711hp
  • Torque: 568 pound-feet
  • Calculated fuel economy rating: 15 miles per gallon for the city, 17 combined, 20 highway

By Punit