Web Design Tips

In our day-to-day life, we spend a lot of time navigating websites and another web/mobile applications. In some cases, we don’t like our experiences with the apps and abandon those immediately. On the contrary, we love the website so much that we pin that website to visit again. Why is it so?

The answer is simple, i.e., UX or user experience of web apps. If we compare the development team and visitors, it is easy to notice errors and obstacles achieving the desired actions on a website. Therefore, UX becomes a crucial aspect for every web development project team.

Here, I have curated a list of some powerful tips that can help designers and projects to ensure winning user experiences. Let’s start!

Focus on users

The foremost step towards ensuring seamless user experiences, it is important to understand your users. Because it will help you to come up with the best possible strategy for UX design services. Every graphic, text, layout, and other interactive elements should be presented in order to impress the users and not to merely present the information. In today’s highly competitive world, it has become important to impress the audience with more visuals that can strike at user’s emotional responses.

Follow a hierarchy

When designing a website, it is important to follow a clear and easy-to-follow hierarchy. Highlighting the important elements while putting them on the user interface is a best practice, it serves the purpose of ensuring a winning UX. And, there are multiple ways to highlight the elements such as making them larger than anything else or assigning them CTAs.

Restrict Drop-downs

Another best UX design practice is to cut down on the drop-down menus of your website. Why? Because multiple drop-down menus and sub-menus lead to clutter and the focus of building a website is suppressed. Therefore, try to restrict the number of drop-down menus. Doing this will help you to achieve a clean and sorted website. On the other hand, the website users will easily find what they are looking for.

Pitch More, Write Less

If you have got a website that contains long lines of text, there are fair chances of users ignoring your business idea. Because everyone is living a rushed life and no one has enough time to read paragraphs on your website to understand your services. Here, you need to work smart. Try to write punchy lines that contain lesser words and impact the audience more. Not just content but you can also rely on infographics and other visuals to tell the audience about your services.

Mobile Responsiveness

Smartphones are the next big thing to consider after desktops. Almost every one of us holds a smartphone and tends to book or purchase a service via a mobile device. Therefore, if you’re considering revamping the UX, it is important to scrutinize it from the aspect of mobile responsiveness. Ensure that the web design is mobile responsive, which means the design elements don’t scatter and fit appropriately when accessed via smaller screens of mobile devices.

Fast Loading Website

In addition to all the above-mentioned pointers, the website load times also contribute to the highly appreciated user experiences. Run a quick speed check on your website and figure out the bottlenecks in delivering fast load times to end-users. Seek expert advice and fix those on priority.

Bring Personalization

For every desktop or mobile application, personalization is the key to a streamlined UX. Not only user experiences but personalization can also help you achieve your marketing goals. No matter which motive you’ve, web personalization is a multi-tasker.

The sole aim of personalization should be to push users toward content they’ve been looking for, cutting down the content irrelevant to them. In short, you need to cut the distractions on the site for every specific user on your website, depending on their interest and past purchase behaviors. However, you need to be careful with the amount of personalization as it can feel like a trap to them sometimes. The amount of personalization should be equal to the amount of trust a user has with your application or brand. To incorporate personalization, you simply need to bring the predictive nature of modern algorithms and bots.

Final Words

The UX of a web application is important, given that you wish to grow and harness the best of market offerings. In this post, I’ve tried to come up with the most important fixes to achieve a winning user experience. However, there are many other aspects involved that you can look for at your convenience.

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