Does Part-Time MBA For Working Professionals have Value?

part time mba

A part-time MBA is a specially designed course for those who are working along with their studies. Traditionally, students usually preferred to do MBA right after their graduation, but now they prefer to work in the corporate world after completing their bachelor’s. It is actually a confusion amongst a lot of students that what is the right time for pursuing Masters in Business Administration.

Part-Time MBA
Part Time MBA

Should they go for an MBA right after their graduation or take the experience in the corporate world first? What if I say take both altogether. Yes, you read it right, you can have both your MBA degree and experience of work altogether, you don’t need to sacrifice anything. Students can easily enhance their management skills at an advanced level with the help of a part-time MBA and can also use their skills in a real organization. 

Now, plenty of people would say that a full-time MBA is more beneficial and MBA freshers can get placements from their college. Everything has its own perks and losses, full-time MBA will offer you full-time classes but after an MBA most firms will offer you entry-level jobs only. Companies prefer experience along with the degree, if you would have an MBA degree with job experience chances are that you can get a better job than before or your current company will increase your salary pay.

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Apart from this, there are also other benefits of a part-time MBA for working professionals. Here is the list of all such benefits:-

Easy to take admission

As compared to a full-time MBA, a part-time MBA is less time-consuming at the time of admission. You have to go through a rigorous process when it comes to having admission in a full-time MBA course, you have to give exams and then clear the levels of interview. But this is not exactly the case with part-time MBA courses. Hence, it becomes easy for working professionals to take admission without much tension. 

Don’t jeopardize other responsibilities

It is actually difficult for working professionals to switch from their set up career to two years full-time degree course. That’s how they will have to jeopardize their experience and other commitments and not everyone would be able to walk on this road. After coming into the professional world or after working for at least 2-3 years it becomes hard to leave your employment for straight 2 years to complete an MBA. Hence, a part-time MBA plays a significant role in this area. 

Scholarships or fewer amounts of fees

There are companies that offer funding or scholarships to their employees in order to improve their efficiency, and some MBA colleges offer scholarships for part-time MBA. 

Career growth

Part-time MBA offers you the opportunity to grow your career by shifting to a good company or by getting promotion from their existing job profile in the management domain. Also, you can even shift your domain by doing MBA in a particular specialization, for example, you can shift from Human Resource to Finance management after achieving specialization in the same subject.

Part Time MBA for Working Professionals
Part Time MBA for Working Professionals Benefits

Different Specializations in MBA for working professionals

An organization deals with different and complex activities, and hence as business managers, you need to be specialized in particular areas in which you are dealing with. This is the reason that MBA is divided into different specializations like FInance management, Marketing management, etc. Choose your subject according to your future career plans. Here is the list of part-time MBA specializations that you can do along with your job:-

  • MBA in Finance: This area of management deals with the Finance & Accounting domain. After doing a part-time MBA in Finance you can easily go for Financial management or can find jobs in financial institutions, banks, financial consultancies, etc. 
  • MBA in Marketing: MBA in Marketing is one of the most interesting specializations and marketing always remains in demand. One can pursue his/her career as a marketing manager, sales & executive officer, PR, and others. One needs to have a deep learning of marketing, advertising, digital marketing, Public relations to pave the way in a big marketing firm. 
  • MBA in Leadership: MBA in Leadership builds skills like team management, corporate communication, conflict resolution, and others. Students with part-time degrees in Leadership can go for jobs in a wide array of fields like finance, marketing, etc. 

In the end, you might have realized that both part-time MBA and full-time MBA have their own pros and cons. It depends on what you want to do in your career and on your situation to choose the type of course you want.